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Ludhiana: Members of Council of Engineers (COE), served notice to principal secretary of local government, deputy commissioner, and LIT officials regarding what they called the act of damaging the environment by allowing reductions in the park area, and gross negligence of LIT engineers-in-charge, who allowed the contractor violate the mandatory terms and conditions of the contract, resulting in substandard work at the site. The officials claimed that they have stopped all ongoing work.
Kapil Arora, President of the association, said that a new boundary is being built by leaving about 20% of Model Town gol marketplace park area outside this wall. According to some shopkeepers the area that was left outside the park will be used as parking space. Despite three months passed, there was no working drawing available at the site. There is also no board with project details that has been fixed at the site. It was also not satisfied with the quality of mortar and work done during construction.
Arora stated that many of the park’s old trees have been cut and removed by LIT, without permission from DFO.
The members of the group served notice to authorities, requesting that they stop the construction the impugned border wall immediately and re-design their park in the original shape, taking into account all environment norms. They have also asked authorities to take legal action against engineers-in charge for their gross negligence and causing environmental damage. If the authorities fail to respond within seven days, CoE will move NGT for a larger public interest.
Vikas Arora, another member, stated that large numbers of shopkeepers at gol market have illegally taken money from them on a daily or monthly basis. He stated that instead of taking legal action against such encroachments to clear public parking space, the park is being deliberately reduced. This is contrary to the directions of Supreme Court NGT, high courts and Article 21 of Constitution of India as also environment norms.
Jagdev Singh, LIT executive engineer claimed that we have saved all trees and that the design has been made in such a way that no tree can be axed. People are requesting that the parking space be increased in the market. For now, we have stopped all work until further orders.
A 25-foot high Clock Tower is also planned for the market. In December 2021, the work was completed.
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