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Maine senators must protect it from the climate crisis

Maine senators must protect it from the climate crisis

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Colin Woodard’s excellent article (“2021 the Gulf of Maine’s Warmest Year On Record”) was a potent reminder that global warming threatens Maine and its waters in unique and tragic ways.

It did end on a positive note — the observation that “If we are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a global scale, we will certainly be able to limit the changes we see in the future” — but missing from this statement is how this can possibly be accomplished. Positive outlook is not possible without a strategy.

A strong, sensible and comprehensive policy is required to solve the climate crisis. Carbon pricing is one way to encourage an economy-wide shift towards non-fossilfuels. By charging pollution penalty fees to fossil fuel producers based on their products’ potential CO2 emissions, a market signal will be sent to shift the economy toward non-emitting fuels. Fees can be returned to households as “carbon dividends” to assist them through the energy transition.

Sens. Senators. We must all encourage them to lead on this crucial issue of our generation.

Cynthia Stancioff


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