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Mara Hoplamazian joins NHPRs climate, energy and environment beat

Mara Hoplamazian joins NHPRs climate, energy and environment beat

Reporter Mara Hoplamazian, who came to NHPR in 2021, is joining the news team to cover the climate, energy and environment beat. Hoplamazian came to NHPR as the Barbara and Dick Couch Fellow. Prior to joining NHPR, Hoplamazian worked as an investigative reporting intern at The Sacramento Bee and a media intern at the Smithsonian. Theyve also worked as an outdoor educator and presented health education workshops. Originally from Chicago, Hoplamazian earned their undergraduate degree in American Studies from Yale University.

According to News Director Dan Barrick Awareness and dialogue are the best tools we have to fight climate change. The work of journalists such as Mara are crucial not simply to inform but to create awareness of what is at risk, and what we can do together.

NHPR produces nuanced, practical, people-focused and solutions-oriented environmental journalism that empowers, engages, and informs the public and policymakers alike. The By Degrees initiative draws on resources across NHPRs newsroom to cover the intersection of climate change with politics, business, social justice, the arts and more. It teams with NPR and the New England News Collaborative and is a partner in the international Covering Climate Now project.

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