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Marguerite Adelman: Urge Gov. Scott to limit state purchase products containing PFAAS

Marguerite Adelman: Urge Gov. Scott to limit state purchase products containing PFAAS


This commentary was written by Marguerite Adelman, on behalf of the Vermont PFAS/Military Poisons Coalitionand other groups and individuals.

As reported by Seven DaysVTDigger and the Vermont PFAS/Military Poisons Coalition have been conducting citizen science testing for PFAS in various locations throughout Vermont. 

The all-volunteer alliance has been working since its inception over a year ago to educate the public on PFAS (per and polyfluoroalkyl compounds), also known as forever chemical, and to mobilize grassroots advocacy to demand public, environmental, and health action on PFAS chemicals.

It was encouraging that Vermont passed. S.20 (an act concerning restrictions on perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances PFAS (and other chemicals of concern in some consumer goods) last year, there is still much to be done to reduce the environmental harm. 

It is unacceptable that our air, water, and soil are poisoned. Time is critical. Even at low levels (parts per trillion), PFAS can cause serious health effects and damage to our immune system. It is expensive and time-consuming to remove these chemicals from our environment. 

It is far cheaper and more effective to prevent their release from our air, water, and soil.

Like Gov. We appeal to Gov. Phil Scott should issue and sign an executive order restricting state purchases of products containing PFAAS. Gov. Scott can easily take these actions on behalf of the environment without having to go through Congress.

The floodgates to PFAS litigation have opened now that PFAS contamination is being investigated and reported on daily basis. Manufacturers are currently the main targets of lawsuits. However, municipal and state governments as well as quasi-governmental bodies (like solid refuse districts) are at greater risk.

Our state government officials and offices need to be more responsive, as the legislative process at both the state and national levels is so slow.  Governor. Scott can require the state of Vermont to procure PFAS-free products whenever possible, a critical step toward using the state’s purchasing power to pressure businesses to stop using PFAS and toward smarter, safer alternatives. 

Vermont must be a leader in science, work to keep families and employees safe, as well as protect them from toxic chemicals. 

Please Gov. Scott hereCall him at 802-828-3333 and ask him for an executive directive to immediately limit state purchases PFAS-containing products.  This would be a wonderful way to begin the New Year in Vermont.

The Vermont PFAS/Military Poisons Coalition is comprised of Vermont Environmental Advocates and Lake Champlain International. Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Water-Wise Vermont and Womens International League for Peace and Freedom-Burlington. WILPF U.S. Earth Democracy Committee, Vermont Traditions Coalition and Marguerite Adelman.

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