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Maria Ho talks about creating a more welcoming environment for new players

Maria Ho talks about creating a more welcoming environment for new players

Maria Ho

Maria Ho talks about creating a more welcoming environment for new players

January 18, 2022

Gabrielle Monet

Maria HoSummary

  • Ho’s perspective on poker success has changed from winning tournaments to making a difference in the community
  • She believes that women are being pushed away by anti-social behaviours at the table.
  • The industry must do more in order to preserve the social aspects of poker and make the game more inclusive for all.

Maria Ho, Women in Poker Hall of Famer, has made a name for herself in the poker world through her many achievements as a professional poker player in major tournaments around the globe.

According to her Profile of Hendon Mob, a Taipei, Taiwan native Amassed more that $4.2 million in total earningsShe was a highly successful female poker pro throughout her entire career. She is also a popular commentator and poker host.

Earlier on in her career, Ho’s main goal was to unleash her full potential as a player, win tournaments, and improve her finances. She now wants to be remembered more as someone who helped make poker more inclusive.


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Anti-Social Behaviours are Putting Off New Players

Ho is now focusing on bringing more women to the game and creating more welcoming environments for recreational players.

Ho has seen it all. Ho knows how intimidating the game can be for newcomers. She understands the struggles female players go through when they play at male-dominated table. Sad to say, these anti-social behaviors continue to push away new players and are among the main reasons why women’s participation in the game remains low. Ho said there’s been no drastic change to the numbers in all her years playing poker. It is clear that more needs to be done.

Poker needs casual players

She believes that poker’s social side must be preserved in order to ensure a long-lasting future. Some people play poker for the money. Some people play poker just for the fun of it, and that should not be overlooked.

Ho admits that some players use intimidating behavior to increase their Ev. It’s all part of the game as they say, but Ho thinks it could create a negative impression on those who are new to the game.

Ho stated that recs play an important role in keeping the game alive. They are the lifeblood for the industry and should be made to feel more welcome.

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