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Maui County Council demands that the legislature set visitor fees to protect the environment

Maui County Council demands that the legislature set visitor fees to protect the environment

Maui County Council asks legislature to set visitor fees for the environment

February 1, 2022 at 11:35 am HST

Alice Lee. PC: courtesy.

Council Chair Alice L. Lee announced today that eight proposals have been introduced as the 2022 Maui County Council Legislative Package, including legislation to establish a green fee surchargea visitor fee that would fund environmental-protection and conservation projects.

The legislative package contains measures that were introduced at last month’s start of the legislative session by Senate President Ronald Kouchi (and Speaker of Congress Scott Saiki) at the request of the councils, Lee said.

In a press release, Lee stated that green fees are an innovative financing method to improve the well-being and quality of life for visitors and residents alike. Protecting Maui County’s reefs and oceans, beaches, forests, and other natural resources is essential to both our visitors and residents quality of living.

The package also includes these bills:

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  • SB 2096 and HB 1437 were passed to lower the threshold for blood alcohol in order to be charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
  • To establish criminal offenses for unlawful chop shop activity in the first or second degrees, SB 1438 and SB 2097 were passed.
  • To require that the minimum wage is recalculated according to the most recent standard of self-sufficiency income, HB 1440 or SB 2099 are passed.
  • HB 1441, SB 2100 to authorize the issuance general obligation bonds and appropriate funds to capital improvement projects for County of Maui.
  • HB 1442, SB 2101 to amend Coastal Zone Management Act’s definition of development to exclude construction of a single-family residence with less than 5,000 square feet.
  • To assess a climate change mitigation fee on every customer who rents or leases a motor vehicle, SB 1443 and SB 222, respectively, are passed.
  • HB 1444, SB 2103 to abolish Kalawao County.

Lee said that she encourages Maui County residents join the council to track state legislation and submit testimony to state legislative boards.

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