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MCN Environmental Services celebrates Earth Day

MCN Environmental Services celebrates Earth Day

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma – Citizens and community members gathered on April 22 to dispose of various recyclable items and learn about responsible recycling habits. Muscogee Nation Environmental Services hosted this event.

Large items can be recycled and sensitive papers can be shred at the annual spring or fall events. Television monitors, washers/dryers stoves, refrigerators, car batteries, and stoves were all accepted as large recyclable items. Accepted traditional recyclables included paper, plastic, and aluminum.

James Williams, Director of MCN Environmental Services, said that the event has grown significantly over the past decade. Accessibility makes it easy for everyone to participate.

Williams stated that they can pull up, and guys will unload the car.

Recycling items were collected at the curbside. Participants handed in sensitive information on paper documents to ensure they were properly destroyed. These recycling events are a great way for MCN citizens to get involved in their community and to take care of the environment.

Recycling events allow for responsible disposal of electronic clutter. Recycling bins are still available for older electronic devices such as VCRs or antenna phones.

Williams stated that MCN Environmental Services will collect your recyclables regardless of the conditions.

He said that they can pull through the garage no matter what the weather. There are many people who love to see us go out and explore the area.

It is important that the event serves its purpose. It prevents waste materials from ending up at landfills and protects the environment. According to Williams, it also helps prevent illegal dumping. This problem is prevalent in rural Oklahoma communities.

These events allow MCN Environmental Services to interact with the public every spring/fall, but they also offer year-round conservation services such as element quality testing, environmental reviews and a free recycling centre.

MCN Environmental Services hosted the Community Clean Up Event. This recycling event was preceded by the Community Clean Up Event. On April 29, a follow-up Earth Day event will bring together volunteers to pick up trash along predetermined routes, and then enjoy a barbecue.

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Kristy Lawson, MCN Environment Specialist, said she enjoys MCN Earth Day events because of the people who attend them.

Lawson said that his favorite part is seeing the community work together to make it a better place to live in.

The camaraderie and fellowship she has with others makes these events so worthwhile.

To celebrate National Recycling Day, the next MCN recycling event is scheduled for November.

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