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ME2C Environment signs a $2 million deal for sorbents with a US-based utility

ME2C Environment signs a $2 million deal for sorbents with a US-based utility

The company stated it will supply the customer its Sorbent Enhancement Additive System (SEA) to help the utility meet mercury emissions and compliance requirements

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp, also called ME2C Environmental (OTCQB.MEEC) announced that it has received a new one year order for custom sorbents from one of the largest US coal-powered utilities.

The company noted that the supply orders for one of Southwest’s utility power plants include the sale and installation ME2Cs patented engineering system, proprietarysorbent-feed equipment that is used with new customers.

We are happy to have found a new supplier partner as we enter 2022 with a new significant revenue stream that will help strengthen our bottom line, ME2Richard MacPherson, C Environmental CEO, stated in a statement.

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MacPherson explained that the utility will also benefit from our expertise on mercury capture, including plant optimizations.

ME2C noted that it will supply its Sorbent Enhancement Additive System (SEA) to the customer to help it meet mercury emissions capture requirements and comply with compliance.

It also stated that the utility had previously signed a license agreement for ME2C in 2021.

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ME2C Environmental is a global leader in environmental technologies, developing and delivering innovative solutions to the global power sector.

The company’s innovative services have been shown that they can remove emissions at a significantly reduced cost and with less operational impact than other methods. This allows for the preservation and/or increase of power plant output, as well as the marketability and marketability of byproducts for benefit use.


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