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Mike Johnson HSE Schools: Creating a Safe Environment

Mike Johnson HSE Schools: Creating a Safe Environment

Mike Johnson

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Mike Johnson named Director of School Safety at HSE Schools

Renee Larr / Writer
Photographer / Travis Hinkle

Mike Johnson

Hamilton Southeastern (HSE), Schools is committed to the safety of all students. HSE school leaders recently named Mike Johnson director of school safety to ensure a safe learning environment. The school board recently made this a full-time job.

Johnson states that school safety was most recently under the direct of staff and student services. Ryan Taylor was retired and the superintendent and school board decided to create an all-time safety position. I had just retired from Fishers Police Department and so the time was right to apply.

Johnson worked in various capacities for Fishers Police Department for 29 year. Johnson worked 21 years for the D.A.R.E. education program, and gained in-school experience. Since the beginning of his career in law enforcement, he was a part of the school system.

Johnson says that the program was a great experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to work alongside children of all ages. I also helped families and students resolve conflicts. I was also able to mentor children. As a police officer, I was immersed in school culture.

Johnson was also involved in the Indiana School Resource Officers Association where he was trained in best practices for school police across all spectrums. Johnson’s current role does not involve direct supervision of school resource officers but he works with them.

Johnson says they have their own supervisor at the police department but Johnson says they have me as a liaison with anything school-related. We discuss a wide range of topics as they arise. It could be as simple as a student in elementary school needing a positive role model or more complex like how to respond to students with suicidal thoughts.

Johnson is excited about the opportunity to make the position his. He will decide what he wants in the future.

Mike JohnsonThis idea of school security is not.Johnson states that although this is not new, it is important to have someone who is dedicated to it full-time. HSE Schools has a lot of great people.It’s a blessing to be able to take on this role and make it mine.

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Johnson is aware of the importance of physical safety, but he wants to emphasize emotional safety. Johnson also wants to expand the Parent Safety Academy to show what HSE school leaders do in order to protect students, staff, and their families. He also wants to be involved in transparency efforts via social media.

Johnson states that Johnson wants to focus on the positive things we do and to expand upon them. Johnson also suggests Johnson consider the areas where there may be gaps and how we can improve. I don’t have to work full-time, which is the beauty of this position.Other responsibilities or duties may cause you to be pulled away.

Johnson is also a trainer for the National Association of School Resource Officers. He teaches their adolescent-mental-health class as well as their school resource officer course.

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