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Mindful Workplace/Positive Work Environment- Stress Management Speeches Updated

Mindful Workplace/Positive Work Environment- Stress Management Speeches Updated

Pandit Dasa, a specialist in creating positive working environments has updated his keynote speech services. He’s showing professionals how to manage stress with mindfulness.

This new speech service is ideal for corporate and professional audiences who want to increase employee retention and create a more productive workforce. In addition to practical advice, Dasa shares his experiences as a monk in New York City as well as the lessons he learned.

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Corporate event planners now have the option to invite Dasa to their next conference or workshop. His talks help workers reduce stress and increase their mindfulness. They also help to create a more productive work environment.

Dasa shares insights about mindset and how it impacts the way a company works. He shows workers how to be kind to their coworkers and how to use breathing exercises to reduce stress and workplace conflict. Effective meditation techniques will also be taught to attendees.

Dasa will lead attendees through a guided relaxation session at the end of each session. He also explains the scientific basis of mindfulness and how it can add value, meaning, and purpose to a company’s operations. Learn how to cultivate gratitude, improve communication skills, and increase self-awareness.

You can invite Dasa for your next event by visiting his site. They can enquire by selecting the ‘schedule a call’ tab. Visit Event Planners to learn more.

Attendance at an event with Dasa will allow audience members to learn compassion, practice confidence, and become better leaders.

A spokesperson for Dasa says, “Dasa has helped many people from big and small companies to implement mindfulness techniques, release their stress and achieve the work-life balance that we all strive so hard for in our day-to-day lives. Pandit strongly believes that it’s his genuine and irrevocable passion for inspiring other people to lead better quality lives that has led him to his success as a speaker.”

About PanditDasa

Pandit Dasa, a well-known and experienced keynote speaker, has given presentations all over the United States. He has also authored a book, “Urban Monk: Exploring Karma, Consciousness and the Divine”.

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