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Ministry of Environment plans monitoring apparatus to monitor ecotourism

Ministry of Environment plans monitoring apparatus to monitor ecotourism

Ministry of Environment launches training course on reducing plastic waste

The Ministry of Environment is currently discussing the draft directive for monitoring eco-tourism resorts and areas. Prime Minister Hun Sen has asked the ministry and the relevant authorities to create more eco-tourism areas throughout the country to promote the environment.

Eco-tourism is a rising trend in Cambodia. It helps to develop the local economy.

Khieu Bodin, director-general of ministry’s General Department of Local Communities, stated that the ministry had discussed the issue with stakeholders and looked at the draft declaration on protected areas development. This declaration can provide economic, social, and life-enhancing benefits to local communities.

Borin said that this draft will facilitate the process for project owners and the implementation small-scale nature tourist development projects in protected regions.

The draft document will also address biodiversity and determine the scope for implementation of projects on a minimum of 10 hectares.

Neth Pheaktra, spokesperson for Environment Ministry, stated that small-scale investment projects in tourism development will help to conserve natural resources and create an economic base for the local community.

Eco-tourism projects have the potential to bring tourists to waterfalls, forests, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Eco-tourism is an important part in promoting, educating, and cultivating a spirit of participation in conserving natural resources and biodiversity.

He said that companies interested in developing these areas should submit a proposal to the ministry detailing how they plan to develop them and ensuring that there is minimal impact on the environment and conservation efforts in the area.

Their master plan must adhere to the ministry’s principles for environmental stewardship. Pheaktra stated that they must have clear plans for managing both liquid and solid waste in the areas planned. They also need to ensure that there are no adverse effects on the unique environment of the national park.

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He stated that all structures in the proposal should be built using eco-friendly design methods.

Prime Minister Hun Sen called on the ministry and other relevant authorities to establish more eco-tourism sites within local communities. Eco-tourism can help improve the environment, especially for rural residents. Premier Hun Sen stated that eco-tourism connectivity to the environment or land is a good policy. He stated that ecotourism in the community can inspire people to love the environment and make connections with it.

Prime Minister Hun Sin said that eco-tourism could benefit the environment. It can also bring financial benefits to local communities. This work can be done by citizens, and not illegal logging or hunting that destroys natural resources.


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