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N.C. is on the wrong track to reach climate change goals, says a new report

N.C. is on the wrong track to reach climate change goals, says a new report

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.  Our state is in danger of not reaching its climate change goals, according to a New reportFrom the Environmental Defense Fund.

What You Need to Know

  • The Environmental Defense Fund has released a report showing that North Carolina is not on track to achieve its goal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.
  • The EDF study showed that our state could achieve a 28%-38% reduction in the cost of energy by the end the decade. However, it is still far from the Gov. Roy Cooper
  • The Southern Environmental Law Center is encouraging leaders to join a regional effort to reduce carbon quickly.

The report from the EDF makes clear that in order to see change, North Carolina leaders need to take action on a policy level.

Gov. Roy Cooper has issued two executive orders in recent times, both committing to reducing the state’s overall emissions.

The report from the EDF shows N.C. could achieve a 28% to 38% reduction by 2030, but that number is still way off of the 50% goal.

Nick Jimenez works as a lawyer for the Southern Environmental Law Center. The organization sent a request to the Division of Air Quality in January 2021. The letter asks them to push the Environmental Management Commission to adopt a rule that will limit carbon dioxide pollution from the electric power sector in our state.

Jimenez stated that one of the best things about it is its ability to cut carbon very quickly.

The petition would allow N.C. to join a regional effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a 70% reduction by 2030. An agency within the Department of Environment Quality Grant the petition last July, but it is still in the process of becoming a rule.

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Jimenez stated, “We’d love to see that happen quicker.” “People could call their representative or the governor and say we would like to see that move forward.

To close our state’s emissions gap, the report from the EDF recommends that Cooper lock in pollution reductions in the power sector grid, pursue a comprehensive approach to clean transportation and identify new ways to cut pollution across the economy.

Jimenez stated that “at the point we are in the climate emergency we need to do more than just rely on people to make these wise and caring decisions about individual consumption.” “We really need big picture policy changes.

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