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Nagpur News| Nagpur News

NAGPUR – The Union environment ministry took serious notice of the high contamination of water caused by toxic effluents emitted from Koradi or Khaparkheda co-fired power stations.
In a letter addressed to Mahagencos director (projects), Suresh Kumar Adapa requested a site inspection to be conducted on February 4.
Based on a complaint by Leena Buddhe (director of Centre for Sustainable Development) the action was taken. Buddhe had also submitted a copy to ASAR Social Impact Advisors Pvt, Ltd., along with her complaint.
Water samples were taken from 25 locations, including ground and surface water. Analyzing the samples revealed that villages around these plants were drinking highly contaminated water with toxic elements exceeding the safe limit by 10-15%. This is due to the unscientific disposal of fly ash.
Environment activists are optimistic that the environment ministry will conduct a spot inspection to ensure that they take corrective action against violators. The power plants pose a grave threat to public health. They should not be allowed to operate if they are not following the rules. They hoped that officials would conduct an in-depth investigation into the matter and punish those who are found to be violating.
Ankita Shah, an activist, made a similar complaint to the ministry in 2017. A team from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Vadodara, had previously inspected Koradi’s power plant. Despite finding violations at the plant and toxic pollution, no concrete action was taken.
Mahagenco was asked by the team to implement air pollution control measures to ensure citizens’ safety. These plants pose a threat to our environment, air and water. Why are they allowed? Activists disagree.
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