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Nashik News| Nashik News

Nashik: Friday’s address by Aaditya Thackeray, state environment minister, stressed the need to protect the environment when implementing development projects.
Thackeray, who was visiting the city, visited the spot that the Nashik Municipal Corporation has planned to construct a flyover between Untawadi and Trimurti Chowk. The issue is significant because environmentalists are fighting the city against the chopping off a 200-year old banyan tree and 400 other trees as part of the project.
Eknath Shinde, the state minister for urban development, and Kailas Jadhav, NMC commissioner, also accompanied Eknath. It is important to determine if there is a need to flyover. If there is a need, the Banyan tree should be kept. Thackeray also stated that the NMC would have to ensure that the flyover project has minimal impact on other trees.
He also asked people to get involved in tackling the problem of pollution in Godavari and its tributaries. He said that people want to save the Banyan and other trees, but they must also take action to clean up the river. He added that the Nandini river will be cleaned by people’s participation.
Thackeray had earlier visited Trimbakeshwar Taluka to inspect the iron bridge linking Sendripada and Savarpada. He was aware of the difficulties faced by tribals crossing a bamboo-constructed bridge to bring water, and ordered the construction.
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