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Neal McDonough talks about creating a family environment on BOON

Neal McDonough talks about creating a family environment on BOON

The cast and crew often have to work 12-15 hours a day when filming a movie. Neal McDonough didn’t have the option of doing this when he was filming BOON with his co-stars. He wanted to create a family-friendly environment. McDonough shared his thoughts exclusively with The List. “Our days were 10-11 hours, not 15-16-hour days.” We try to make days shorter and everyone knows that.

Although it may seem daunting to nail your first take on the first attempt, the “Band of Brothers” star said that everyone was in it to win it. They wanted to succeed with the script McDonough and Derek Presley had co-written. They also wanted to ensure that they were not causing disruption to their family’s time by taking longer scenes than necessary. McDonough credits the positive family environment at “BOON”, which helped them achieve this goal. McDonough believes that everyone was more determined to do things right the first and second time because they knew each other well.

“Be prepared on your first try, and let’s move on. We can also enjoy our lives afterwards. He said that this is what we are proud of.

“BOON”, now in select theaters, is now available on demand and digital rental.

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