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New National Poll finds that parks are both a political solution and a physical solution to climate change

New National Poll finds that parks are both a political solution and a physical solution to climate change

“We know that climate change is the greatest threat to national parks, wreaking havoc upon so many things we love.” Theresa PiernoPresident and CEO of National Parks Conservation Association.“As the climate crisis continues to threaten our health, our communities, and our health, this poll shows that national parks unify us and offer solutions. Americans are experiencing the consequences of parks flooding, melting and burning at an unprecedented level. We all agree. We cannot and should not wait.”

Ten QuestionsWe asked Americans about topics such as their last visit to a national park, and how important it was to move forward with climate change solutions. The following are key findings

  • An overwhelming 88% of Americans believe that climate change is negatively affecting national parks, regardless of political affiliation.
    • If you break it down by political affiliation, the majority of Democrats (95%), Republicans (80%), and Independents (88%) agree that climate change is negatively affecting national parks.
  • A strong bipartisan majority (84%) of Americans see U.S. National Parks as an important part in the solution to climate change. They protect lands and waters that absorb carbon from the atmosphere. 92% of Democrats, 75% and 84% of Republicans agree that protecting parks lands and waters can address climate change.
    • Fourty-three percent of Americans support efforts to reduce the effects of climate change. 55% of Americans believe it is vital to move forward with climate change solutions, especially when considering the impact climate change has on U.S. National Parks. 
  • A majority of Americans (83%), regardless their political affiliation, would be more inclined to vote for a representative in Congress who supports a bill to reduce the effects of climate change on U.S. parks.

“It was fascinating to see how unifying national parks can be on climate change.  Americans, Republicans and Democrats, are both aware of the negative impact climate change is having upon national parks. That connection compels them support climate change solutions.” Erica ParkerHarris Poll, Managing Director.  

Visit this page to learn more about the poll and how the NPCA works to address climate change in national parks across America.

Survey Method
This survey was completed online. The United StatesHarris Poll for National Parks Conservation Association January 18-20, 2022There were 2,064 U.S. adults aged 18 and over. A Bayesian credible interval is used to measure the sampling precision of Harris online surveys.  This study’s sample data is within +2.8 percentage points using a 95% confidence interval. Please visit this page to learn more about the survey methodology including subgroup sample size and weighting variables.

About the National Parks Conservation Association Since 1919, the nonpartisan National Parks Conservation Association has been the leading voice in safeguarding our national parks. The NPCA, its more than 1.6million members, and supporters work together to preserve and preserve America’s most iconic and inspiring places for future generations. Visit to find out more.

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SOURCE National Parks Conservation Association

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