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New York to Consider $4.2 Billion Environmental Bond Act

New York to Consider $4.2 Billion Environmental Bond Act

New York’s voters will vote on a $4.2 Billion bond act to protect the state’s infrastructure from the worst effects of climate change. 

The issue is also being addressed by environmental groups, business groups, and labor unions. 

Interview with Capital TonightJessica Ottney Mahar, The Nature Conservancy, pointed out Wednesday’s successful campaign to approve the “green amendment” (state constitution) that was meant to guarantee New Yorkers a right to clean air and water. 

She said, “We must make sure that we do it again and talk with voters about why this measure matters for their communities and future generation.” 

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Since its inception by the then-Gov, the borrowing plan has been supported both by labor unions and environmental groups in New York. Andrew Cuomo (a comparable version of the bond law was abandoned at the start of the pandemic). 

“This is something  clean water, clean air and create jobs in New York  this is something everyone can get behind,” Ottney Mahar said. 

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