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Sun shines through the trees during the autumn season in the New Forest

The 2021 show charts showed that the hole in the ozone layer had increased dramatically

Rebecca Pow backed Daily Express Green Britain Needs You and said that she was inspired by the willingness of readers to help save our planet. After visiting Horse Common in Wiltshire’s New Forest, the environment minister made her appeal.

She learned how generous readers have raised more than £45,000 to help the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds restore the land there.

Ms. Pow said that the Express’s Green Britain campaign had done a tremendous job in highlighting some of our most pressing environmental issues, as well showing readers how they can make an impact on protecting our sacred earth for future generations.

“But, we all need more to do.

“So, for 2022, I am asking everyone to think about the change they can make, no matter how small or large.

“Government obviously has a vital part to play in protecting our environment, but we need to all work together if we want to make a real difference.”

The Government took several steps this past year to ensure that the UK was at the forefront in global efforts to protect the environment.

Sun shines through the trees during the autumn season in the New Forest

A New Forest area will be restored in order to make it nature richer. (Image by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images).

What’s happening in your area? You can find out by entering your postcode Visit InYourArea

At the COP26 UN Climate Change conference held in Glasgow, November, nations pledged to support vulnerable countries as well as reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Two years after its initial reading in Parliament, the Environment Bill was adopted as the Environment Act 2121. It aims at protecting and enhancing our environment by regulating water quality and waste management, and increasing recycling.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, has partnered with us during the Green Britain crusade.

He stated that climate change was a major threat, like none other, and is much more serious than coronavirus.

“But we know exactly what we need to accomplish, we have all the necessary tools – and, most importantly, the changes that we need will make our lives easier and our economy more resilient.”

You can help

TO HELP RAISE FUNDS FOR RSPB TO BUY & REWILD Horse Common, send cheques payable RSPB to Daily Express Horse Common appeal RSPB The Lodge Sandy Bedfordshire SG192DL.

Alternativ, you can also donate via 

You can also raise money by simply using your mobile phone. The RSPB will continue to receive donations each month if you switch your mobile SIM card from an Ecotalk + SIM SIM. All profits go to nature – and have already helped the RSPB secure Fairburn coal tips in Yorkshire. You can keep your current number. Visit Ecotalk + RSPB SIM to raise money


REBECCA POW says that everyone needs to work together to make an impact.

2021 has been a pivotal year in the fight against climate change and for protecting our planet. The UK has been at the forefront global efforts.

As the Environment Minister, I meet regularly with community organizations, charities, businesses, and the public. I have noticed a shift in how we think about the future.

We are a more climate-conscious country than ever before. This government is making tangible improvements in meeting the twin challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change.

We were the leader of the world at COP26, with almost 200 countries signing the Glasgow Climate Pact to “keep 1.5C alive” in November.

We received historic commitments by countries to act on coal cars, cash and trees.

The COP agreement outlined for the first time how the world would reduce fossil fuel use, end international finance of coal and help vulnerable countries that suffer loss or damage.

We have seen a strong commitment to protecting precious natural habitats. The pledges of 142 countries to stop deforestation by 2030 cover 90 per cent of the world’s forests, including the Russian and Canadian northern forests. Although I believe the world has begun to take action, we must ensure that these pledges are a reality.

Rebecca Pow

Impressed… Impressed… (Image: Solent News & Photo Agency).

We have also made historic commitments to preserve 30% of our land in order to increase biodiversity. We plan to triple tree planting by the end this Parliament and invest millions in protecting 35,000 ha of peatland, which will help us store carbon for the future.

We are changing the way we support farmers to be stewards for our natural environment. This will allow them to access funds to help protect the landscapes in our rich habitats and areas of outstanding natural beautiu. Our Environment Act is now in effect. The Act will help us clean up our air, restore natural habitats, increase biodiversity and make better use a lot of our resources.

It will stop the decline in certain species by 2030.

We have already banned plastic straws and stirrers, increased the plastic bag price to 10p, extended it to all retailers, and launched a consultation about banning single-use plastic cutlery plates and cups. The average household used about 140 plastic bags per year before the introduction. Now, it uses just four.

The attitude of many of your readers and the Daily Express, and your willingness and support to protect our planet, has been what has encouraged me the most this year. Last month, I visited the Horse Common in the New Forest. Thanks to Express readers who raised money with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the area will soon be restored to its natural state.

Horse Common in the New Forest

Project…Horse Common is being restored in the New Forest. (Image: Adam Gerrard/Daily Express).

The Express’s Green Britain Needs you campaign has done a tremendous job in highlighting some of our most pressing environmental issues.

It also showed readers how their actions can have a positive effect on protecting our sacred planet for future generations.

But we all need more to do.

For 2022, I am asking everyone to consider what changes they can make – however small or big.

While the government has a crucial role to play in protecting our environment, we all need to work together to make a difference.


DALE VINCE says it’s been a great start for Green Britain.

Dale Vince

Dale Vince is encouraging Britons push for a greener Britain. (Image: PA)

We’re closing in on the first year of our Green Britain campaign. It has had a significant impact.

We’ve attracted attention from government, got important information in front to our readers, and have influenced other newspapers. It’s been incredible.

John Ingham of the Express won the award for environment journalist-of-the-year – well deserved.

The key messages are: Climate change is a big deal, a danger like no other we have faced, and a threat that is way greater than coronavirus.

We know what to do.

We have all of the tools we require and, most importantly, the changes we must make to improve our lives and make our economy more competitive.

It’s a shift for the better. We need to stop using fossil fuels and end industrial animal farming. They are the cause of all the big problems. They are not only the drivers of the climate crisis, but also a wildlife and human health crisis.

Cow milking machine

Fossil fuels as well as animal farming are destroying the planet and our health. (Image: Xurxo Lobato/Cover/Getty Images).

Fossil fuels are killing the planet and animal farming is causing it. Renewable energy and plant-based lifestyles are the solutions.

Renewable energy is the future fossil fuel. It’s abundant and cheap. It is cleaner than fossil fuels and will never run out.

Renewable energy is the future of industrial revolution. Plant-based diets can be simpler, more affordable, and safer. If we eat plants, we need 75% less farmland.

We can restore the land to nature and reverse the extinction of wildlife. We have the technology needed and it’s very economic to do so.

We need a government that gets it. One that not only talks a good, but also plays a great game.

Although the UK doesn’t yet have one, we hosted the United Nations’ annual Climate Conference (COP26), this year in Glasgow. This will be the first time many people have experienced a COP. However, these conferences have been around for almost 30 years.

Scientists have been studying the effects of climate change over this time and improving their forecasts and models.

As the reality of the crisis is becoming more evident, politicians have been discussing what to do.

There is a real movement towards zero-carbon economies and green economies globally.

Living this lifestyle does not mean giving up everything. This is a key message. We don’t have to give up our favorite foods, such as burgers, cars and football, in order to live sustainably. You just have to think differently.

This is what I have been doing through Ecotricity and Skydiamond.

Green economies create jobs and strengthen local economies as well as the national economy.

It is not about living a denial lifestyle.

It’s time for the next industrial revolution and the next stage of human development.

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