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B.C. fails to succeed Renee Merrifield, Liberal leader candidate, will be the party’s Shadow Critic for Environment and Climate Change.

Kevin Falcon, who won Saturday’s leadership position by party members, appointed Merrifield to the post on Monday.

It’s a passion for mine. I have stated from the beginning of this campaign that the environment is something that I want to ensure that we are again leaders as the B.C. Falcon stated that the Liberal caucus is a strong one.

In 2008, the NDP was the first North American government that introduced a revenue-neutral carbon taxes. Falcon stated, “I always remind the public of the fact that the NDP fought against this revenue neutral carbon-tax and fought an electoral defeat against us on it.”

Falcon stated that we won the election because we were the first North American government to implement real systemic changes to address the challenges of our generation. That’s something I want to ensure we are leaders again going forward.

Merrifield, a first term Liberal MLA for Kelowna–Mission, came in fifth place among the six leadership candidates. She received around three percent of the support of party members. Falcon was ahead of Merrifield from the first ballot.

Merrifield later stated that I was honored and humbled by the request from our new leader to accept this position.

The environment and climate change are top of mind for everyone. Take a look at British Columbia’s impact on climate change over the past seven months. It could be heat domes that have cost lives or floods or fires.

Merrifield stated that there has been a year in which we didn’t pay attention.

Merrifield was disappointed by her fifth-place finish on a first ballot that included six names. Merrifield described the experience as a positive learning opportunity.

She said that it is all about learning, growing, and moving forward. It was the people I met, the stories I heard, and that is something I can carry forward.

Falcon named Ben Stewart (Liberal MLA for Kelowna West) as the Opposition critic on Transportation and Infrastructure. Stewart had previously voted for Michael Lee, Vancouver-Langara Liberal MLA, to take the leadership.

Penticton MLA Dan Ashton was appointed municipal affairs critic.

Norm Letnick, Kelowna-Lake Country MLA, and Andrew Wilkinson, former leader of the party were the only two MLAs to not get criticism assignments from the new leader.

Letnick had been the assistant speaker and was therefore the No. 3 speaker in this Legislature, but the Liberal caucus nominated FraserNicola MLA Jackie Tegert to the position.

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