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News: Project boosts Santee’s ‘environment to grow’| News

News: Project boosts Santee’s ‘environment to grow’| News

SANTEE Santee Town Council approved the first reading of an ordinance to amend their official zoning map to allow general commercial development and construction a residential planned unit development along Old Number Six Highway.

A third of the property is in the town and the rest was outside the town. It is being done in three locations. The property’s front is located on Highway Number 6 heading towards Eutawville. According to Donnie Hilliard, Santee Mayor, all the property fronting Number 6 will be commercial and all the property behind it will be residential.

Mt. Pleasant-based Hussey Gay & Bell are the project developers. Hilliard stated that Super Land Holdings LLC was the entity that sold the land.

According to South Carolina secretary-of-state online records, Super Land Holdings LLC has been in existence since Dec. 27, 2019. James W. Roquemore from Orangeburg is the registered agent for the company.

The front portion, which is commercial property, will be left as it is until somebody wants to build a shop or something. Hilliard stated that while I don’t know what that will be, it is what that front portion will end up being once the zoneing is complete.

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The town council will meet once more on February 9th to approve the final second reading of the zoning amendments.

S.C. Gateway park, previously Jafza, is now ‘under construction.

The largest area of land is zoned for single family residential. This will be rezoned as residential planned unit development and general commercial. A portion of the land that is currently zoned for general commercial will also become residential planned unit development.

The rear section of the property will then be subdivided into what’s called a planned development unit. Hilliard stated that the developer has agreed with the town to work with them to create an environment in which homes are more affordable than building exclusive homes.

Many are upset and claiming that this is what will happen: It will be a gated neighborhood. He stated that it was not going to become a gated community. “The developer has agreed to be subject to restrictions set by the council and town in order to make the homes more affordable.

The mayor stated that the project would be constructed in phases.

They are looking at 50 to 100 units in phase 1. He stated that the remaining property could have 400 homes if they built it to completion.

They are projecting that. It’s not there, but I don’t see it. I am not an engineer. Hillard stated that the town council does not regulate like a normal county or town. They only do so in terms of obtaining building permits and what to do after that. This property is not subject to any investment by the town.

He said that the project was still welcome because it will further develop the interchange between I-95/U.S. 301.

Spring 2017 saw the opening of the new Exit 97/U.S. 301 Extension interchange, which connects S.C. Highway 6 with Interstate 95. This stretch of road is also known by the U.S. 301/S.C. Highway 6 Connector.

The $45 million project was the eastern anchor of South Carolina’s Global Logistics Triangle. Orangeburg County uses the term Global Logistics Triangle to market the region bordered by I-26 and I-95.

It is welcomed by the town council. It is included in our comprehensive plan. The Town of Santee has been trying for 20 years to create a growth environment. He said that we got the $40 million interchange and that we have never had any inventory to attract people.

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He added, “If you build a factory here, people won’t be able to stay there.” This is helping us get to that point. Even with the Dubai project it looks like there is still some activity after all these years. Despite being outside the town limits, it is still within the Santee area.

Dubai World, the parent company to Jafza International, has been considering Orangeburg County for a $600-700m logistics, manufacturing, distribution center. It’s been more than a decade.

Despite the purchase of land in the Santee region by the company, the project did not materialize as planned due to the global economic recession that began December 2007.

There is movement at the 1,322-acre South Carolina Gateway Industry Park, formerly JAFZAMaga Park.

Two pads were built on the site to house future buildings and attract businesses to the area. – $5.99 for your first month

One pad is located on a 22-acre property and will house a 250,000 square-foot speculative structure. According to the project’s website, the other pad is located on a 20-acre property and will house a 125,000-square foot speculative building.

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