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NJ offshore wind developers will pay for environmental studies

NJ offshore wind developers will pay for environmental studies

NJ offshore wind developers to pay for environmental studies

New Jersey’s offshore Winddevelopers will contribute $10,000 per megawatt to research on marine life. This will allow New Jersey scientists and engineers to better understand the impact of wind farms in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to state officials, the Research Monitoring Initiative will direct $26 million from power companies for the study of wind turbines’ effects on ocean wildlife and commercial fisheries.

During a virtual meeting, Shawn LaTourette, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner said that there was still much to be understood during planning and construction phases as well as operation.

With the cooperation of the Regional Wildlife Science Entity (RWE) and the Regional Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA), the money will be distributed to research institutions throughout New Jersey. These two independent organizations are focused on learning more about offshore wind’s impact on the environment.

The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced earlier this month that it had completed an environmental assessment of a proposal for wind turbine development on nearly 800,000 acres of ocean off New Jersey and New York. This area is known as the New York Bite.

A map from the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management shows areas under consideration for wind farms.

New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities has already approved twooffshore wind projects off the state’scoast: a1,510-megawatt project, called Atlantic Shores,off of Long Beach Island, and two projects called Ocean Wind 1 and 2, that total2,200-megawatts,lie off Atlantic City.

The Research Monitoring Initiative is expected help identify the farms’ impact on vulnerable ocean species, such the endangered North Atlantic right Whale.

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