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NM Environmental Groups Celebrate MLK Day with Climate Walk / Public News Service

NM Environmental Groups Celebrate MLK Day with Climate Walk / Public News Service

Climate activists in New Mexico commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day today by You can walk from four directions to Santa Fe’s State Capitol.We are calling on legislators to take bold action against climate change.

The Capitol, also known as the Roundhouse was created to represent the sun’s rays and the four directions, four seasons, and four phases of human life.

Robb Hirsch founded Climate Change Leadership InstituteIt was founded nearly 20 years ago, and he is its executive director. He said that it was appropriate for people rally on MLK Day.

Hirsch stated, “It’s great on Martin Luther King Day that the community rises up in a peaceful, nonviolent manner.” However, Hirsch added, “But rise strong, to demand action on this critical and vital issue for our future.”

Hirsch stated that the walkers will meet outside of the Roundhouse at noon.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Santa Fe Branch, the Green Amendment for the Generations Group, 350 New Mexico and the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter will all be participating.

New Mexico has depended on oil and gas for its economic growth for a long time. Hirsch said however that the event is not about requiring specific policies in this year’s legislative session but rather ongoing, clear action.

Hirsch stated that “there’s a lot more equivocating going around” because “a lot of elected officials, unfortunately… are taking campaign funds from the very same industries that we need regulating.”

Hirsch stated that climate change is a civil right issue of our times because, while it affects all people, the most likely to be affected by it are those of color and those of lower income.

Hirsch said that Martin Luther King Day is vital to this. “The Civil Rights Movement – brave citizens who participated in it – showed us a way of action to get things done even when people thought there was no way to get the Civil Rights Act or the Voting Rights Act passed.”

The New Mexico Legislature has short 30-day sessions. These sessions are held in even-numbered years and usually focus on the state budget for the next year.

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