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Notice on the Keauhou Bay Environmental Impact Statement

Notice on the Keauhou Bay Environmental Impact Statement

Keauhou Bay Environmental Impact Statement Notice Posted

Figure 2-1 is an EIS notice for the Keauhou Bay Improvement Plan.

(BIVN) – An Environmental Impact Statement Preparation noticeThis publication has been published in support of a Keauhou Bay Management Plan.

Kamehameha Schools is seeking to “reorient uses at the bay and establish new place-based cultural education and revenue generating opportunities” on its 29-acres of Kona land. Under the plan, commercial activities will be “moved away from culturally sensitive areas to alleviate congestion and establish a new place-based cultural educational center.”

The plan also envisions the creation of a new “boutique resort on the resort-zoned plateau mauka of the bay.” Kamehameha Schools says the project will “enhance and encourage bayfront access for kamaina and kupaina, and promote high quality educational experiences for all.”

From the notice document:

Keauhou Bay, a small bay located along the Kona Coast (Figure 1-2), is traditionally known as a spot of residence for alii and of pastimes such as hlua skating and surfing. Keauhou Bay is most famous for being the birth and resuscitation location of Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa Kuakamanolani Mahinalani Kalaninuiwaiakua Keaweulaokalani (also known as Kamehameha I and Kepolani). Visitors and kamaina today recognize the historical significance Keauhou Bay has in relation to the birth and resuscitation of Kauikeaouli Kaakamanolani Mahinalani Kalaniwaiakua Keaweulaokalani, also known as Kamehameha III. The area is also a popular spot for ocean recreation and resort.

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The Project is divided into five main Management Strategies.

  • Heritage Management Corridor
  • Reposition and develop commercial bayfronts and appropriate density resort areas
  • Reorient community and recreational use
  • Establish and maintain new cultural educational areas that are place-based
  • Manage vehicle, pedestrian and boat circulation and wayfinding

This project will require multiple permits from the State and County.

The 30-day public review is underway. Comments are due by April 22, 20,22. Officials state that a virtual EIS Public Scoping meeting is planned via zoomMonday, April 11, 2022

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