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Over 1,100 school students participated in contests on the environment organized by Preservation Society

Over 1,100 school students participated in contests on the environment organized by Preservation Society

On Saturday, more than 1,100 students from schools participated in a series contests on environment that was organized by Navi Mumbai Environment Preservation Society NMEPS (NMEPS). This was ahead of the World Wetlands Day on February 2.

The contests were concluded with a virtual seminar by NMEPS. We are causing irreparable damage to our environment in the name development. However, we don’t realize the possible consequences. V.K Gandhi, President of NMEPS, stated that our annual Seminar is an initiative to raise awareness among young people about environmental issues and to help them create a better future by taking small steps.

Stalin Dayanand, of Vanashkti was the chief guest at this seminar. He stressed the importance for students and youth to remain alert about environmental damage in their communities and ask their parents to speak up. Stalin said that “the grassroot level involvement in ensuring that environmental damage is controlled in the right time is essential for the wellbeing and well-being of the present as well as future generations.”

B N Kumar, director of NatConnect Foundation and media professional, said that Navi Mumbai should get the Flamingo City tag. He also stated that officials must talk the talk and ensure the city’s wetlands and flamingo destinations are protected. Kumar suggested that Airoli schoolchildren could enjoy a mangrove boat tour in association with the Forest department. Kumar said that they could also see the flamingos in Thane Creek. He added, “Navi Mumbai has been winning top ranking in the Swachh Bharat Survey and has all the potential to top in environment care, given rising public awareness.”

NMEPS announced that it has formed a Youth Wing. The NMEPS Facebook page allows young people to connect and contribute to environmental causes.

The event also featured the final round in the elocution competition, with students from both private and civic schools presenting their ideas about wetlands or mangroves. Ayush Tiwari, Lakshta Dashmukh, DPS Panvel for Hindi, and Jagruti Suryavanshi, NMMC School No 42 for the Marathi language segment won the final round.

Participants were captivated by the video collages created by students at Sunshine School and Skills and Ability School. The video clips from these Special Children schools received the loudest cheers.

The Annual Environment Quiz, organized jointly by TERI & NMEPS, saw Kanisha Rawat, DAV School Nerul, and Yash Alrya, DPS Nerul, emerge as the winner and runner-up, respectively.

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The occasion also saw the completion of a Wet Waste Management Project Report Competition. Siddhi Yadav, DPS Panvel won the prize.

A video documentary about Birds of Wetlands was shown at the event. It featured stunning photographs by Satish Dabral, and a poetic voiceover by Vishuddhi Gopta.

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Published at 08:26 PM IST on Sunday, January 30, 2022

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