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Overnight Energy & Environment Earth records its hottest ever years

Overnight Energy & Environment Earth records its hottest ever years

Overnight Energy & Environment Earth records its hottest years ever

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New data shows that the past seven years have been unusually hot. We’ll also be looking at the reversal in efficiency loopholes from Trump’s era for certain appliances and a federal clean-energy hiring push.

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Lets jump in.

According to NOAA, 2021 was the 6th-warmest year ever recorded.

According to federal data, 2021 was the sixth-hottest year and the seventh warmest in seven years.

NOAA analysis dating back to 1880 found that last year was the sixth-warmest. NASA, however, found that 2021 tied 2018, making it the sixth-warmest. The fifth-warmest year on record was ranked by Europe’s Copernicus Climate Change Service in 2021.

NASA Administrator and former Florida Sen. Bill NelsonClarence William Nelson (Bill) Overnight Energy & Earth records its hottest year ever Global temperatures over the past seven decades have been the highest ever recorded. New data shows NASA has appointed a chief scientist and senior climate adviser to a dual role MORE(D), stated in a statement that the news highlighted the need for bold actions to safeguard the future our country and all humanity.

According to NOAA, it was also the 45th consecutive calendar year that global temperatures were above the 20th-century average. The average temperature of the ocean and land surface was 1.5 degrees above the average for the 20th century.

NASA found similarly that global temperatures were 1.5 degrees warmer than the average temperature between 1951-1980.

The analysis also revealed that the ocean heat content, which is the heat stored in the upper ocean levels, reached an all-time high last yea after breaking the previous record.

Find out more about these new findings here.

Biden closes loopholes in appliance efficiency

This week, the Biden administration reversed a Trump-era rule exempting quick dishes, as well clothes washers and dryers from efficiency regulations.

AWednesday: The rule was publishedTrump rules cut two categories of dishwashers that took 60 minutes per cycle or less, certain clothes washers and dryers that took 30 minutes or less, and other washers which took less than 45 mins.

These separate classifications were created for shortcycle appliances and exempted them form efficiency regulations.

They weren’t the only ones!They were part the previous administration’s pushback on efficiency regulations, which also targeted lightbulbs (and showerheads)

These efforts were reversed by the Biden administration.

The Biden administration stated that it doesn’t believe that new products with short cycles have entered the market since Trump’s rules. This means that existing products will not be affected by the new rule.

Find out more about Bidenofficials’move here.


As part of the newly created Clean Energy Corps, Biden hopes to hire over 1,000 workers to assist with climate change solutions.

Energy Secretary Jennifer GranholmJennifer GranholmOvernight Energy and Environment Earth records its hottest year ever Electric vehicles are here for the long-term Biden administration hires 1,000 workers for ‘Clean Energy Corps.’ MOREThe video announced that the group will work on projects such as designing electric vehicle charging systems and deploying clean electricity.

The department stated in a statement that this is the largest staffing increase at the Energy Department since its inception in 1977.

The department also stated that the $62 billion of funding for the corps came from the bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Sounds familiar?The program is similar to what Democrats proposed for Civilian Climate Corps. This idea, which would allow workers to fight climate change, has generated enthusiasm among progressives. The Democrats are currently in the midst of a social and climate spending bill that has been stalled. This program would be established by them.

The Clean Energy Corps is a program that hires workers from many backgrounds, including business administration and project and management.

Granholm stated that the project was open to all Americans who are interested in taking a proactive role in the fight against climate change and want to be part of the team best equipped to do so.

Learn more about the program.


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Lael Brainard, a member Federal Reserve board, sought to assure Republican senators on Thursday that the central banking would not cut off funding to the fossil fuel sector or penalize banks serving it if she became the banks No. 2 official.

Brainard stated that the Fed would never attempt to create climate policy as it studies potential financial risks from climate change.

Brainard stated that while we wouldn’t tell banks which sectors they should lend to, we want to make sure they are monitoring and managing their material risk in large financial institutions.

If you have not been following:Brainard, a Democrat from Massachusetts, was nominated President BidenJoe BidenSunday’s preview: Democrats’ struggle to pass a voting rights bill comes at a head David Weil, wrong man, wrong time, wrong place: Biden’s gamble on voting rights prompts second-guessing MOREAfter serving on the banks board since 2014, she was elected to serve as Fed vice-chair. She is the Fed Chairman’s sole Democrat and would serve alongside him. Jerome PowellJerome PowellBiden picks Sarah Bloom Raskin, and two others for Fed Board Overnight Energy & Environment Earth records their hottest years Ever On the Money SCOTUS strikes back at Biden vax or-test rulesBiden may renominate a Republican to the Senate if he is also confirmed for another term.

Although Brainard does not require any GOP support in order to be confirmed in a Senate controlled by Democrats, Republican concerns regarding her approach to climate related financial risks could prevent her from becoming vice chairman.

Brainard supported the Feds efforts in examining the potential effects of climate change and global efforts to curb greenhouse gas emission on the financial system. The Fed has established several committees to examine climate-related financial risk and is looking into ways to ensure that banks it supervises are ready for such threats.

Both Powell and Brainard have ruled out penalizing banks that finance or finance fossil fuel project ideas that are strongly supported by environmentalists and progressives. Republicans claim that the Fed would soon crack down on oil if it analyzes climate risks.

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