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Overwatch: Soldier:76 steals the quadruple environmental kill of Lcio player

Overwatch: Soldier:76 steals the quadruple environmental kill of Lcio player

One of the best ways to get rid your enemies is to throw them off the map. OverwatchYet, only a few heroes can achieve such feats. Seeing these types of kills show up in the feed can be very therapeutic, unless they’re attributed to someone else.

A Lcio player achieved a coveted environmental kill as on Oasis’ Gardens map thanks to his awareness of the opposing team using the back-end shortcut of the point to flank. However, an allied Soldier:76 threw a perfectly timed Helix Rocket before the enemies fell down, stealing the Lcio’s quadruple environmental kill, as seen in Reddit clip.

The Lcio player was stunned by what just happened and took a moment of silence to look at Soldier:76 from far. They skated over to their ally who was teabagging in place. They clearly recognized that they had taken all the credit for a play that Lcio had planned methodically.

The Play Of The Game was awarded to Soldier:76 for this match. Lcio player revealedLcio for obtaining the four kills he worked so hard to get. Soldier:76 seemed to be disbelieving of his play and running away from the kills as they appeared on the feed.

Even though they are rare and difficult to achieve on every map. However, environmental kills are a way to quickly set a player on fire while also raising their ultimate charge. This Lcio player has the advantage of being able to kill environmental enemies, so this likely won’t be their last chance at throwing someone off a map.

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