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Package of recommendations at the 6th Ajman International Environment Conference in 2022

Package of recommendations at the 6th Ajman International Environment Conference in 2022

The Sheikh Zayed Center of Conferences and Exhibitions – Ajman University Exhibitions hosted the experts who discussed the themes set by the Municipality and Planning Department of Ajman.

Khaled Moeen al Hosani, Executive Director, Public Health and Environment Sector, Municipality and Planning Department, Ajman, stated that the conference has many objectives. These include working to support sustainable development in the United Arab Emirates, creating an action plan to achieve carbon neutrality, and bringing together scientists, policymakers, and professionals from a variety of international and national institutions to share their knowledge about creating a sustainable environment.

Participants and experts pointed out that attention was drawn to both the local and global levels where climate change could pose major environmental problems economically and socially. As the focus shifts to renewable energy and other clean energy sources, experts and participants highlighted this. Conference participants urged the implementation of environmental policies, energy efficiency, and a focus on clean and renewable energy.

One of the most important recommendations is the announcement about the launch of Ajman Satellite and strengthening of relations with the competent Space Authorities.

In order to provide training and job opportunities for future energy and artificial intelligence, it is important to strengthen the partnership between government, education and the private sector. The Emirate is working to develop circular economy policies. Government agencies are also encouraged to work towards environmental sustainability.

Develop a policy for hydrogen and environmentally-friendly vehicles to be adopted in the Emirate of Ajman, and develop plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combine different technologies, mechanical maps, remote sensing drones and artificial intelligence to measure environmental elements with high accuracy.

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By investing in the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques and relying upon data analysis, you can draw new and innovative developments to create a solid base for research-and-development.

Artificial intelligence is used to improve government performance and accelerate achievements on transportation, health and space, water, education, and environmental practices. Workshops and initiatives are being organized on artificial intelligence. Organizing awareness meetings and supporting Emirates Energy Strategy 2050. This will help to create a balance between economic needs and environmental goals. The Emirates Roadmap for Hydrogen seeks to make the UAE a leader in low-carbon hydrogen. It emphasizes the necessity of cooperation and hardwork to reduce carbon emissions that negatively affect the environment.

The United Arab Emirates is a leading country in addressing the environmental challenges facing the planet. International communities need to be aware of the severity of this problem.

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