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Phreesia Joins Greenfield, MEDITECH’s Application Developer Environment

Phreesia Joins Greenfield, MEDITECH’s Application Developer Environment

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phreesia is pleased to announce that it is now a part of MEDITECH Greenfield, a testing ground for apps that can integrate with MEDITECH Expanse. Phreesia will be able to help patients take an active role in their own care through this collaboration with MEDITECH.

Phreesia aims to:

  • API-based integration of MEDITECH with Phreesia enables us to offer even greater value to our clients
  • Notify patients of any gaps in their preventive care and encourage them to fix them.
  • Reduce barriers to care for all patients
  • Establish an industry standard for interoperability

Programs like MEDITECH Greenfield, which are designed to improve interoperability in the healthcare sector, are becoming more important, according to Chaim Indig, Phreesias CEO. We are very excited to be joining Greenfield. This will allow us to continue to develop innovative products for MEDITECH clients, which will lead to better patient experiences and outcomes and better access to care.

Forward-looking Statements

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Phreesia offers healthcare organizations a suite robust applications to manage patient intake. Our SaaS platform provides patients with a modern, convenient experience while allowing our clients to improve clinical care efficiency and increase productivity.

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