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Polls show a jump in the Greens vote – but its real path to power lies in reconciling with Labor

Polls show a jump in the Greens vote – but its real path to power lies in reconciling with Labor

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A Major poll published yesterday suggests the Greens are set to grow as a political force at this month’s election, showing its primary vote has risen markedly from 10% in 2019 to a current high of 15%.

Recent SurveysShow Large numbers of voters see climate change as their biggest concern, and the jump in Greens’ support indicates the issue is determining how many people plan to vote.

The party goes to next month’s election armed with ambitious, big-spending policies. It strongly It is a dream of its possibilitiesIn at least five lower house and hopes to get three more Senate seats.

The Greens believe that a hung parliament is the best way to gain real power. They can then seek policy concessions from the minority Labor government. Labor and the Greens both have a Mixed recordthe possibility of working together, but can also learn from past experiences. So let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from the Greens in a hung parliament.

rows of cupcakes bearing Greens logo
The sweet scent of success: A hung parliament is the real path to power.
David Crosling/AAP

The balance of power is what we seek

In opinion polls, the Greens were at the top of the list earlier in the election cycle. Between 11% 13%of the primary vote.

They were polled in 2010. 11.76%in the House of Representatives (giving them a combined balance of power) and 13% at the Senate (giving them the absolute balance of power).

The 2010 election saw the first federally hung Parliament in 70-years, but these are not uncommon outcomes in the US and territories. Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s deal with the Greens in 2010 to form a minority government ended acrimoniously.

Anthony Albanese is the labor leader Not allowedThis time, such a power-sharing agreement was made as Bill Shorten did before the elections. 2016 2019 elections.

But if a hung Parliament does occur and Labor refuses a deal for power-sharing, it would still be in control, vote by vote. In any case, Labor would have to negotiate support from the Greens and independents in order to govern – and offer a swag of policy concessions in return.

The Greens have a chance to retake the Senate’s balance of power, which means that their influence after May 21 could still be significant.

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The legitimacy and relevance for minor parties, such as the Greens is dependent on their ability to influence policy.

The Greens had significant policy choices under the Gillard Labor minority government. Success. They pushed Labor to adopt a carbon pricing policy, which briefly reversed energy emissions growth. Dental healthPackage for children and low-income earners

These signature policies were short-lived, however; they were repealed by the Abbott Coalition government following the 2013 election.

Some Green initiatives SurvivedHowever, there are other options, such as: the Parliamentary Budget Office; the Clean Energy Finance Corporation; and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

After the Gillard government introduced a watered down approach to the Greens and Labor, the relationship between the two parties eventually collapsed. Mining tax. The Greens also Decried Labor’s failure to make headway on environmental protection, national heritage, the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania’s wilderness, the Murray Darling Basin and more.

What policy demands can we expect of the Greens this time?

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The relations between Labor and Greens eventually fell apart.
Alan Porritt/AAP

A major policy agenda

The Greens would demand that a parliament with a hung legislature be dissolved. haltAll new coal, gas, and oil projects must be kept in operation for at least six month while they negotiate with Labor on climate policy. It would also push to a Coal export levieClean up and disaster recovery funds

The Greens have set new goals in their 2022 electoral platform. Their headlinePolicies include:

  • Treaty with First Nations People
  • Dental and mental healthcare are free
  • wiping out student debt
  • One million affordable, sustainable, and publicly-owned homes
  • Revision of labour laws to eliminate insecure work, increase wages and improve the quality of life

If the Greens win the balance of power, they will likely call for the next government’s immediate release of the prisoners. delayed State of the Environment report, and to implement the recommendations from a 2020 independent review into Australia’s environment laws.

The party’s environment platformThe usual comprehensive range of policies and detailed measures are available to address the extinction crises, green jobs and caring for country.

As well as phasing out coal, oil and gas, the Green’s Climate policy includes:

  • Stopping fossil fuel companies from making political donations
  • For homes and businesses, you can install cleaner, cheaper power
  • Assisting workers in the clean energy transition
  • Climate resilience funding
  • Supporting cleaner cars, electricity, manufacturing.

Their energy plan allocates A$17.1 Billion to electrify Australian homes, $14.8 Billion to electrify small businesses, and $12.6 Billion to install. small-scale solar batteries.

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Australia can draw upon significant experience in minority government if it so desires.

Action on climate change is at the centre of the Greens’ election agenda. Pictured: Leader Adam Bandt.
AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Where are the Greens next?

If the polls are correct, the Greens have a chance to reclaim power in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Greens are aiming to be long-term. Labor can be replaced in government. As the ACT and Tasmania have shown us, Greens ministers can serve in Labor cabinets.

The Greens are currently following the major parties’ lead. The party’s best prospects for realising its policies in national government lie in reconciling with Labor and learning to work in coalition.

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