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Poots announces 220,000 investment for environmental water quality projects

Poots announces 220,000 investment for environmental water quality projects

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Edwin Poots, Environment Minister, announced that eleven local environmental water quality projects have received funding from a 220,000 fund. This fund aims to protect waterways, and the surrounding ecosystems.

The Water Quality Improvement Strand of the Environment Fund 2021-2022 will provide grants of up to 5,000 to councils and not-for profit organizations.

The fund is designed to address water quality priorities across Northern Ireland. It will prevent deterioration and enhance the status of aquatic ecosystems.

The announcement was made by Environment Minister Edwin Poots during a visit at Six Mile Trust in Antrim.


Our plans to improve water quality include groups like the Six Mile Trust.

“Ive seen today first-hand how far an investment of 13,000 from this initiative can go towards improving the environment with regards to projects like this.

“The trust works tirelessly and passionately to ensure the water quality in the Six Mile Water improves.”

The Minister continued:

The trust monitors water and participates to prevent pollution. It is well placed to establish relationships within the catchment in order to bring about such schemes.

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“Such groups are the eyes and ears of the river bank and pick up on issues and opportunities to improve water quality.

“A close working relationship with my department is of mutual benefit, as we both strive to improve water quality in the Six Mile Water and Northern Ireland as a whole.

Concluding, Minister Poots said:

Since I became DAERAMinister, Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. As a volunteer, I appreciate the level of partnership and enthusiasm shown by these groups. I cannot praise them enough for all their conservation efforts.

DAERA administers the Environment Fund to support projects that will deliver important environmental outcomes in Northern Ireland.

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