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Prakriti & Other Green Initiatives for Effective Waste Management Launched by the Environment Ministry

Prakriti & Other Green Initiatives for Effective Waste Management Launched by the Environment Ministry

On March 5, 2022, Union Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change Bhupender Yadav launched awareness mascot Prakriti and other green initiatives for plastic waste management. Mascot Prakriti is a campaign to increase awareness about the role that small lifestyle changes can play in ensuring the sustainability of the environment. It also explains the various initiatives taken by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (CPCB), in order to ensure effective Plastic Waste Management in the country.

Other green initiatives are being launched

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made India’s promise to phase out single-use plastics by 2022. Bhupendra Yadav, the union minister, gave the Swachh Bharat Harit Bharat Green Pledge and continued to build on the momentum. MoS Ashwini Kumbey stated that the eGovernance portals and apps would help in the complete elimination of single-use plastics with SabkaSaath and SabkaVikas, as highlighted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Following green initiatives for plastic waste management were launched during the event:

1 National Dashboard for Single Use Plastic and Plastic Waste Management
This platform aims to bring together all stakeholders, including Central Ministries/ Departments and State/UT Governments. Through one platform, you can track progress and status of single-use plastic elimination and effective management of plastic waste.

2 Extended Producer Responsibilty (EPR) Portal for Plastic Packaging
This portal will assist in the overall operation functions, such as improving accountability, traceability and transparency and facilitating easy reporting compliance to EPR Obligations for Producers, Importers, and Brand-owners.

3 Mobile Apps for Single Use Plastics Grievance Resolution (CPCB).
This app will allow citizens to check sale/usage/manufacturing of single use plastic in their region and tackle the plastic menace.

4 Monitoring module for single-use plastic (CPCB).
This will be used by local bodies, state pollution control board/PCCs, and CPCB. To inventory single-use plastic production, sales, and usage. in commercial establishments at the district level and on-ground enforcement for ban on single-use plastics.

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5 Industrial production from Graphene From Waste Plastic (G B Pant NIHE & NRDC), will encourage more industries and upcycle plastic waste

Other highlights of this event

Union Minister Bhupender Yodav called on all to work harder to end plastic pollution and create a better future. He also acknowledged and praised innovative solutions that are being created by various entrepreneurs, students, and start-ups in India Plastic ChallengeHackathon 20,21. He also highlighted India’s immense talent and potential.
The minister also informed the gathering about the IPCC Working Group III contribution (AR6) to the 6th IPCC Assessment Report. This report focuses on mitigation measures that will ensure the world is aligned with the Plastic Waste Management goals. It also outlines what can be done to adhere to the Paris Agreement’s roadmap.
In Nairobi, the minister had earlier praised the efforts of CPCB and the environment ministry for setting up eGovernance portals & apps that focus on issues related to Plastic Waste Management.


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