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Protecting Environment | Rising Kashmir
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Protecting Environment | Rising Kashmir

Protecting Environment | Rising Kashmir

Protecting Environment

Published on| Author RK News

Over the years, protection of environment has gained a lot of importance at all four levels – the state level, country level, regional level and at international level. Human intervention has caused some damage to the Known Rivers and other natural waterways around the world, but it was motivated by greed. Constructions, pollution and encroachment is playing havoc with the delicate ecosystem and damaging the nature’s course of creation and managing things.  Everyone has an equal responsibility to save the environment from a dangerous decline, to ensure our future and to provide sustenance for our children. It is a fact that climate change is affecting the fragile ecology world over and Kashmir isn’t a special case. As responsible citizens, we should reduce the horrors of this looming catastrophe. The fragile ecosystem of Kashmir is highly vulnerable to climate change. Any disturbances here will have a greater impact on the entire region. Experts agree that J&K development is primarily focused on infrastructure building and modern-day building. This results in the destruction of the environment and the construction of more roads, bridges, and buildings. While conservation of Dal and Nageen Lakes has been promoted over the years but not much has been achieved and corrupt practices from all corners are destroying these precious water bodies. The government cannot shoulder the responsibility of saving Dal and other water resources. However, it should be shared. It is a known fact that the government has far more resources than the commoner. However, the commoner is often quicker to respond and more decisive in taking action. Participation and involvement by the community can go a long ways in improving the situation. The government must be sincere in its efforts to conserve the environment. Remember that charity starts at home When we volunteer to help make change happen, it is when we step up.Anyone who is implicated in environmental scandals must be brought to trial quickly. In the same way, the Government should not only book offenders but also implement long-term policies that protect wildlife, forests, and water bodies. The preservation of the environment is essential for the survival of mankind. Without it, life on Earth will cease to exist.We all have to be committed to protecting the environment.                             

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