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Pune: Commuters, civic activists feel that the municipal corporation should provide a long term solution to bumpy roads. They should also be environmentally-friendly.
Potholes have caused a lot of damage. The civic administration might be able to solve the problem by constructing a concrete road. Vilas Kumar Kulkarni, Shivajinagar resident, stated that the concrete road should be cost-effective, and that public funds should not be wasted.
Vijay Kumbhar a civic activist said that roads quality should be the priority. Many elected members are just putting roads in place as a popular measure. This must be stopped. Concrete shouldn’t be used for small roads and bylanes.
Some residents claimed that the problems on many roads remained despite concrete being laid. Sanjay Kachi, Somwar Peth, stated that waterlogging or stagnation should not occur after a roadway is constructed. Concrete roads should solve problems and not create more. The planning should ensure that commuters are not inconvenienced by the construction of these roads.
Concrete roads are also an issue. Vijay More from Satara road said concrete roads should not be repaired in a scientific way. Removing paving blocks to fix them can cause more problems and increase road accident risk. They are not only important for the construction of roads; they also need to be maintained.
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