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Reel Chicago| Reel Chicago

One Earth Film Festival calls on audiences to Turn the Tide on climate crisis | Reel Chicago


One Earth Film FestivalIt returns March 4-13, 2022 with 17 carefully curated film events. There will also be a number of screenings in person at Chicago-based venues.

The 2022 Festival opens with its annual opening night party launch party on Friday March 4. This event will be both live and virtual.

For this year’s theme, the Festival chose Turn the tide to highlight the urgency of the global climate crisis and the need for individuals and communities far and wide to take action on changing the planet’s catastrophic course. Every area of the country is facing climate-related threats, from forest fires in Colorado to a deep freeze that engulfed the normally temperate Pacific Northwest to tornadoes that cause destruction in towns in the mid-South to unheard-of flooding and floods in New York City.

“Since its inception, One Earth Film Festival has stressed the importance of taking collective action,” Festival director Ana Garcia Doyle said. “Film is a powerful way to spur us toward social change and collective action. Much environmental communication heavily depends on data, but that’s not going to change hearts. Film stories can inspire empathy and motivate us to take action. We must all work together to stop the flood of catastrophes that are rushing at our faces. The urgency is now.”

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The festival will screen films on a range environmental topics and themes. “Life at 50 Degrees,” which reveals how extreme temperatures around the world are wreaking havoc on nature, forcing climate migration, causing water shortages and triggering dangerous health conditions to “On the Fenceline: A Fight for Clean Air,” an urgent call for justice in Philadelphia’s low-income communities.

Other festival highlights are a Young Children’s Short Film Program virtual watch party at 11 a.m. March 5. The Young Filmmakers Contest Awards Celebration will take place virtually at 3 p.m. March 12. This year’s contest entries revealed young people’s deep concern with loss of ecosystems and their impatience with an older generation’s inability to address this existential crisis, according to program director Lisa Files.

One Earth’s streamed programs reach audiences all over the United States and attract viewers from other countries. Its in-person programs reflect One Earth’s work with a slate of partners to activate communities across the Chicago region around solving the climate emergency.

All One Earth presentations are intended to inspire, educate and encourage action in the face of current environmental disasters. Screenings are accompanied by an expert panel discussion, offering ideas to equip audiences with ways to take action on the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

Tickets are available now and are free. A suggested $8 donation is required. Tickets, film, and program information can all be found at

One Earth Film Festival Official Selections and Schedule

Events in person are being added. Check to see the most recent program details.

2022 Opening Night Launch PartyMarch 4, 6:30 p.m. ] Virtual & in-person at the Packingtown Museum and The Plant, Chicago, IL March 6March 6, 2009 March 6, 2009 March 11 March 12, 2009 | MarchMarch 13, 2009 4, 6:30 p.m. ] Virtual and In-Person at the Packingtown Museum at The Plant, Chicago, IL

Young Children’s Short Film Program | March 5 | Virtual Watch Party

“Life at 50 Degrees” | March 5| Virtual Watch Party

“Bring Your Own Brigade” | March 5| Virtual Watch Party

“The Pollinators” | March 6| Virtual and In-Person at Navy Pier

“My Octopus Teacher” | March 6| Virtual Watch Party

“On the Fenceline: A Fight for Clean Air” | March 6| Virtual and In-Person at Euclid Ave. United Methodist Church, Oak Park, IL

“The Sacrifice Zone: Life in an Industrial Wasteland” | March 6| Virtual and In-Person at Euclid Ave. United Methodist Church, Oak Park, IL

“Exposure” | March 8 | Virtual Watch Party

“The Ants & the Grasshopper” | March 9| Virtual Watch Party

“Youth Unstoppable” | March 10| Virtual Watch Party

“Plastic Bag Store: The Film” | March 11| Virtual and In-Person at Swedish American Museum, Chicago

“Here We Stand” | March 12| Virtual Watch Party

“Understory” | March 12| Virtual Watch Party

Young Filmmakers Contest Awards Celebration | March 12 | Virtual Watch Party

“Inhabitants: Indigenous Perspectives on Restoring Our World” | March 12 | Virtual and In-person at First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple, Chicago

“Girls for Future” | March 13 | Virtual and In-Person at the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Chicago

“Let Us Breathe” | March 13 | Virtual Watch Party

“The Campaign Against the Climate” | March 13 | Virtual Watch Party

“Extinction: The Facts” | March 13 | Virtual Watch Party

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