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Refillery’s products are gentle on the environment and your health | Guam News

Refillery’s products are gentle on the environment and your health | Guam News

While Earth Month is fast approaching, that doesn’t mean we should stop caring about our environment. Being eco-friendly can save you time and gas every day.

Numa’lo refillery is a great way to get your fill. It’s a zero-waste option to store-bought products.

Numa’lo Refillery opened at the beginning of this year. Jasmine Flores Cantrell is the owner of Numa’lo and has seen a lot of people wanting to learn about eco-friendly options.

She said that “So far, it’s been great.” It takes a lot more education. I discovered that people want to know more about what we do, so they can get involved in refilling their containers and reducing their plastic waste.

But their patron base is growing and interest is growing. Numa’lo Refillery opened in May and has filled more than 500 plastic containers containing locally sourced, non-toxic, and eco-friendly hygiene items.

She said, “It’s great sofar, the response has been really welcome.” “I find that people are relieved to have an outlet to reuse their plastic containers in sustainable ways. We have regular customers who come in every few weeks or every other month to refill their basic products like dish soap and shampoo conditioners. We’ve saved at most 500 bottles from the trash already.

Customers regularly fill large laundry soap containers with large amounts of detergent.

“We do have a customer who comes with their huge Gain laundry bottle, but our laundry soap is really concentrated,”Flores-Cantrell said. “So that customer who filled that large laundry container, I haven’t seen them in probably two months. They’re still working through it. It’s lasts them a long while.”

“Something you can’t price”

She stated that Numa’lo’s products are priced the same as eco-friendly brands in stores. An ounce of laundry detergent, which is equal to 2 tablespoons, costs 95 cents. This is 47 cents per load. You can find the value in a number of different areas.

They are safer than eco-friendly brands. There are many brands out there that market themselves to be eco-friendly and have clean ingredients. They’re priced equally to ours, but they still contain irritants to the skin in their product.

Numa’lo Refillery sells only non-toxic products.

“We have a huge population on Guam that suffers from skin sensitivity like eczema, because of the humidity and salt in the air,”Flores-Cantrellsaid. “So I tell people that they have a concentrated laundry soap that’s comparable with the eco-friendly brand, but is completely safe for your family. That’s something I can’t price.

Concentrated products, such as laundry soap, can have many benefits.

“Not many people know that laundry soap is 90% water. So you are really paying for the water in your soap. Concentrated soaps are more effective than regular soaps. You won’t be returning as many refills because the concentrate lasts longer and removes odors and lifts stains more effectively,” she explained.

She said that the greatest value is being part the eco-friendly system. In which “you’re supporting an ecosystem rather than a company.”

Zero Waste Earth Day Festival

The education of the community is a major part ofNuma’lo Refillery’s mission.

“I think it is really important to learn more about what is happening here on island, as well as ways we can protect our natural resource and how they can get involved,” she stated.

Numa’lo Refillery hosts the first ever Numa’lo Tte gi Tano’s in fulfillment of that mission.Zero Waste Earth Day Festival.

“It’s an event that I wanted the community to join in on ways to connect with the land on Earth Day,”Flores-Cantrellsaid. “There will be a beach clean-up to teach stewardship; there will be three workshops that allow you to interact with natural resources, such as basket weaving or natural textile printing using marine debris; and there will also be a free morning yoga to ground your attention throughout the day.

She said that the event will be about reconnecting and returning to the land. It will be held at Governor Joseph Flores Memorial Park in Ypao Beach on Saturday, April 30th from noon to three p.m.

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