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Research reveals Gen Z’s priority areas as Enterprise, Environment and Equality

Research reveals Gen Z’s priority areas as Enterprise, Environment and Equality

LONDON, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, TEAM LEWIS FoundationReleased additional research from its global survey with HeForShe, UN Women’s solidarity movement engaging men in support of gender equality.The global studyIt was revealed that Gen Z PrioritizeGender equality is more important than any age group because it includes environmental and enterprise issues.

According to the study, gender equality was ranked as the 4th most pressing social issue for Gen Z. It is the 7th most important issue for people in their age groups, according to the global average. Gen Z ranked economic opportunities, LGBTQ+ issues and climate change higher than gender equality in a survey.

66% of Gen Zers believe equality in gender is a serious issue. However, only 51% are 65+. Gen Z is also more aware than ever that women are affected by climate change, with almost 25% (24%) understanding this. Only 17% of people 65 years and older are aware of this. RecognizeThe intersection of climate change and gender equality

But, everyone seems to be aware of the seriousness that climate change is a serious problem. It was ranked as one of the three most urgent issues facing all generations. The research also revealed that all generations believe the issue of climate change and gender inequality is more important now that they have learned more.

“Gen Z RecognizeThe stark challenge the world faces in Enterprise, Environment and Equality” Samuel DeanTEAM LEWIS Foundation CEO. “Leaders must listen and take into consideration the concerns of younger generations. If we want to see a more equitable and sustainable future, Gen Z must speak up.

“Gen Z are passionate about social injustice.” Edward Wageni, HeForShe’s global head, said: “This research shows that Gen Zers of all ages understand the importance and necessity of critical issues. We can create a better tomorrow by working together, acting now, and listening to younger voices,” Edward Wageni, global head at HeForShe.

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UN Women, the United Nations entity responsible for gender equality and women’s empowerment, created UN Women. HeForSheThis is a solidarity movement for gender equity that invites men to join forces for a more egal world. HeForSheGlobal audiences can engage in a systematic way and use a targeted platform to become change agents and achieve gender equality in their lifetime. The movement invites people all over the world to join forces as equal partners to create a shared vision of a world that is gender-equal and to implement specific, locally relevant solutions to benefit all humanity. For more information, please visit:

Research Methodology
TEAM LEWIS Foundation conducted the survey in order to understand people’s perceptions about the impact climate change has on women. TEAM LEWIS foundation surveyed the general population (18 and over) across a balanced and diverse range of ages, races and genders. The survey included 8,002 respondents from many countries, including the UK and USA. China, Germany, India, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Israel, Singapore. The survey was completed from February 11, 2008Th until March 2nd, 2022. Respondents were independently SourceTwo vendors OpinionRouteAnd Dynata.

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