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Respecting kitchen workers and helping the environment

Respecting kitchen workers and helping the environment

Honoring kitchen workers, helping the environment

Gail Kotel, South Philly artist (left), painted a portrait about Diane, a South Philly worker, at High Street Provisions.

A South Philly artist has begun a collaboration Cooks who CareTo show appreciation to restaurant workers and to protect the environment.

Gail Kotel, a physical therapist who owns her own practice. Therapeutic Pilates1536 Catharine Street, for 20 years, has been creating portrait artwork using takeout containers. This is to portray small business owners during the pandemic.

Kotel has focused her attention over the past year on behind-the-scenes workers in restaurants, which are in short supply because establishments struggle to fill kitchen and serving jobs.

Kotel is painting kitchen workers on the restaurant’s own plates to display. Kotel calls attention to the environment impact of the continued use aluminum and plastic, as some restaurants cannot afford to hire or pay for proper cutlery and glassware.

Kotel partnered with Cooks Who Care for Earth Day celebrations With more restaurants and spreading awareness about the project.

Kotel stated, “I am a found object portraitist and I am passionate about raising awareness of environmental waste by using materials most people overlook and toss away.” Earth Day is a great time to reflect on the things we can do to help our planet. Through my art, I plan to continue building community and supporting those in need of our help.

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