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Rivian responds in kind to environmental criticisms from residents living near the site

Rivian responds in kind to environmental criticisms from residents living near the site

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. Rivian Inc., despite being subject to a lot of criticism from potential new neighbors, stated that it is proud of its environmental record. They will also extend care to the new Georgia plant.

The company plans to build an auto plant on nearly 2,000 acres of land in Morgan and Walton counties.

Tuesday saw dozens of people speak out against the project at a meeting held by the Joint Development Authority, which is the board that served as the developer of the project.

This statement was made Wednesday by a Rivian spokesperson, just one day after the JDA meeting in Madison.

Rivian cares deeply not only about the people who live near its locations, but also the land, water, or other resources that are involved. We have the opportunity of engaging in meaningful community engagement that improves the natural environment and contributes towards the mission of Keeping the World Adventurous forever.

We are currently conducting several environmental impacts studies, including those relating to water, forest, wetlands, and storm water retention and reuse, as well as restoration of the site. We are currently studying traffic, parking, lighting, and other impacts to determine which factors will have the greatest impact on the proposed facility.

We will provide more details about our plans and learnings as they become available. However we want you to know that no action will be taken without the participation of those who will be directly affected. Rivian is committed to listening to and incorporating the views of the community.

Gov. Brian Kemp announced Dec. 16, that Rivian would visit Stanton Springs North, an industrial site located at the northeast corner I-20 and U.S Hwy. 278.

Numerous properties around the project are being purchased. These properties must be rezoned. This requires approval from local governments.

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The Walton County Planning Commission will be the first to discuss the unincorporated areas of the proposed project. This group meets in Monroe, Feb. 3.

Some people who attended the JDA meeting on Tuesday expressed concern over the potential environmental impacts of Rivian on undeveloped land. One resident raised concern about groundwater contamination due to the use of lithium batteries.

Officials from the JDA have stated that Rivian plans on conducting town hall meetings in the area.

Rivian plans to break ground this year and start producing vehicles by 2024. The California-based company makes electric trucks, SUVs and other vehicles at an ex-Mitsubishi plant in Normal Illinois.

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