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Robredo commits to protect environment; signs pact with ‘green’ groups – Manila Bulletin

Robredo commits to protect environment; signs pact with ‘green’ groups – Manila Bulletin

Robredo commits to protect environment; signs pact with 'green' groups – Manila Bulletin

Vice President Leni Robertredo, a presidential aspirant, has signed a Covenant with several environmental groups outlining their commitment to preserve and protect the environment.

Leni Robredo, Vice-President, signs a Covenant with several environmental groups outlining her green agenda in case she is elected President in the May 2022 elections. (OVP photo)

Robredo and the Office of the Vice president (OVP) signed a covenant to work together for a green agenda in May’s elections.

The covenant stated that we recognize the solemn duty of President of the Philippines to protect the Filipino people’s right to a balanced and healthy ideology. We also make a common commitment to a people-centered sustainable growth that ensures food security, human health, and preserves our country’s biodiversity, natural resources, and ecological landscapes for all.

The Vice President signed the agreement with representatives of LILAK (or the Purple Action for Indigenous Women); NASSA-Caritas Philippine Ecology Program, Healthcare Without Harm; Environmental Studies Institute Miriam College and Alyansa Tigil Mina.

During the signing of the agreement, several environmental groups who joined via Zoom read their support statement.

Robredo stated that if she is elected, she will immediately abandon unhelpful practices and confront the reality of the country’s vulnerability.

Vice President asked advocates to help people understand the stakes, noting that the success or failure of the agenda is dependent on the cooperation of the public.

Siyempre (Officially, we had already started to work together when we created the 10-point agenda. However, this should be a continued effort. Siguro ang (Maybe this) challenge papaano ban itong agenda ito mata–translate (is how this agenda will be translated into terms na Ramdam ng Tao na Gut Issue Ito (that people feel this gut issue), she said.

The presidential aspirant stated that she would present clear and coherent land use policies, food security, elimination of plastic pollution and climate justice. She also proposed a minerals management regime that prioritizes local development and transition to safe, affordable, and clean energy.

Robredo has stressed the importance to protect the environment and to create policies that will recognize and adapt the effects of climate changes. As the world continues to face the devastating effects of natural disasters such as Typhoon Odette, Robredo is a strong advocate for taking care of the planet and creating policies to address them.

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