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Rumson among Communities to Get Environmental Grants from NJ American Water

Rumson among Communities to Get Environmental Grants from NJ American Water

Rumson Among Communities to Receive Environmental Grant from NJ American Water

Five community improvement projects received more than $40,000
in environmental funding

CAMDEN, N.J. This week is Earth Day. New Jersey American WaterToday, the company announced the 2022 Environmental Grant Program recipients. The company awarded $41,000 in total to five distinguished organizations or community groups from its service areas this year that are involved in sustainability projects to improve water supply protection and watershed protection.

New Jersey American Water understands that people don’t need clean water alone. The environment is also dependent on it, according to Danielle Kearsley. Environmental Program Lead at New Jersey American Water. We are proud to provide funding in excess of $40,000 to these innovative projects this year. We can help protect our water resources and the lives they sustain for many years by investing in the restoration of and protection our watersheds.

These are the 2022 Environmental Grant Awardees

Cranford Public LibraryUnion County residents were awarded $1,000 to create a Native Seed Library. The library will contain a carefully selected collection of plant seeds. Its goal is to preserve local biodiversity and increase native plant populations. The library will provide educational materials on how to maintain, plant, and gather future seeds, as well as seeds, at no cost to residents.

Hanson FoundationEnlightened Farm was awarded $10,000 to support its biodiversity project. This project will help to restore the natural habitat on the farm. It will include six native plant, pollinator, agricultural, wildlife and wildlife grazing areas. The farm’s restoration will reduce soil displacement and flooding on the property, and allow for greater rainwater penetration into the Kirkwood–Cohansey Aquifer.

Rumson Borough Environmental CommitteeIt was awarded $10,000 for the Emerald Necklace Green Infrastructure Project that was inspired by Fredrick Law Olmsteds 200th Birthday. The project will include three demonstration gardens with bioswales in the town. The Environmental Commission will host workshops to help the public learn how to make their own rain gardens and will also provide starter kits. A series of webinars will be offered to help build a Rain Garden Ambassador program, which will ensure that the program is sustainable in the future.

Somerset County OEMA $10,000 grant was given to the county for reforestation projects using native trees and shrubs to mitigate flooding from stormwater runoff in the most vulnerable areas of the county. These efforts will allow stormwater runoff, which is a result of flooding in the county’s most vulnerable areas, to be taken up and stored by root systems. This will provide natural storage areas for stormwater runoff while also providing clean water, habitat, and food for local wildlife. This project, which is being implemented in collaboration with many municipal partners, will allow local communities to be educated about the positive effects of reforestation on the local watershed.

West Orange Township Environmental and Open Space CommissionThe Down Stream to the River Phase II project was awarded $10,000 by the organization. It will continue the organization’s efforts to clean-up, restore and educate the Rahway River and its water bodies. The project will educate the growing population of the region about the importance to maintain the watershed’s rivers and streams.

The company’s Environmental Grant Program was established in 2008 and has provided funding of more than $429,000 to 51 innovative community-based environmental projects. These projects improve, restore, or protect watersheds, groundwater supplies, and surface water supplies in New Jersey American Water communities.

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