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S. Korean companies seek ways to save the environment and lower costsNews

S. Korean companies seek ways to save the environment and lower costsNews

These glass fibers are being used as reinforcing bar in concrete construction.
This red fluid, made from plastic bottles, coats the fibers to make them more rigid.
South Korean construction company SKECOPLAN claims that this method is more efficient than steel and can re-use as many as 300 million plastic bottles per year.
It is also less expensive than steel reinforcing bars.

“This new material could lower costs and reduce the financial burden for construction firms.”

POSCO Engineering & Construction is also part of the eco-friendly efforts.
It aims to increase the use of a special cement they call “PosMent”.
It is made of molten residue from medals, which cuts carbon emissions. It is also about 10 percent cheaper than other cements.

“We plan to apply more than 4-hundred-50-thousand tons of PosMent to replace half of the cement that is currently being used.”

Samsung Electronics, the country’s tech giant, is already taking steps to clean up the oceans.

“We are committed to protecting the environment by using materials made from fish nets from waste for our products.”

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Reprocessed ocean waste, such as discarded fishing nets are used to make plastic for the company’s smartphones.
These parts are now available on the Galaxy phones and tablets.
This approach will result in the recycling of approximately 500-thousand tonnes of fishing net waste this year, according to the company.
Companies are expected to be more eco-friendly as they become more conscious of what they purchase in order to help the environment.
Kim Sung-min, Arirang News.

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