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Schibsted is proud to provide a great environment for hybrid workers

Schibsted is proud to provide a great environment for hybrid workers

Flexibility in the workplace is important to us all. Hybrid solutions can help us get the job done (and have fun doing it!) Wherever we may be, we all want flexibility in the workplace. As we all know, many of us found ourselves with temporary solutions in the exodus from the office due to the pandemic. (Kitchen table anyone? And, quite often, sore backs. Despite often having to do the same tasks in both the home and office environments, it’s evident that they are very different.

We are happy to announce HOMEsted, Schibsted’s new employee program.

Mette Krogsrud EVP People and Corporate Affairs, comments, “As the workplace evolves and employees gain new perspectives it’s vital that we cater to individual needs to give our people comfort and flexibility while maintaining our position of a preferred employer.” “We are thrilled to announce HOMEsted’s launch. This is a truly exciting innovation that demonstrates our commitment to creating the workplace we want today.

What is HOMEsted?

HOMEsted is an innovative digital application that allows employees to order high-quality furniture for delivery directly to their homes. You can adjust your desk, chair, lighting, floor protectors and many other items with just a few clicks. We help you create a home office or hybrid environment that suits your needs.
The new application was developed in collaboration with SENAB (one of the most prominent Nordic suppliers of office furniture).

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