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Science Environment| Science-Environment

Here is a summary listing the most recent science news briefs.

Official: Iran Space Launch fails to launch payloads into orbit

The rocket could not reach the required speed and Iran’s space launch failed to place its three payloads in orbit on Thursday, a defense ministry spokesperson said. This statement was made on Friday by state television. The attempted launch came as indirect U.S.–Iran negotiations take place in Austria to salvage an 2015 nuclear deal. It was criticized by France, Germany, France and the United States.

Biden extends U.S. support to International Space Station through 2030

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated that the U.S. president Joe Biden’s administration has committed to extending operations of the International Space Station through 2030. Nelson said that the Biden Administration had committed to working alongside international partners, which included Russia, to continue research at the orbiting laboratory for the rest of the decade. Since more than 20 years, Russia and the United States have been in close cooperation at the International Space Station.

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