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seac: Union ministry nods for new state-level environment impact assessment authority and SEAC (TN) | Chennai News

seac: Union ministry nods for new state-level environment impact assessment authority and SEAC (TN) | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Almost two months after the tenure of the state-level environmental assessment authority (SEIAA), and state-level expert appraise committee (SEAC) ended, the Union ministry for environment, forest and climate change has approved the formation of a three-member SEIAA, and a 14-member SEAC.
According to MoEFC’s January 11 notification, K Deenabandhu, a retired IAS officer, has been elected chairman of SEAC.
The 14-member SEAC committee would include the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board’s member secretary. This committee plays a critical role in scrutinising projects and forwarding its recommendations the SEIAA to take decisions on granting environmental clearance (EC), which is mandatory for all projects.
The committee also includes K Kumar, former chief environmental engineer of TNPCB K Kumar and D Velazhagan retired assistant environment engineers of TNPCB D Velazhagan. K S S V P Reddy is a retired IFS officer and retired manager of TNPCB D Anne Josephine Selvam. The committee also includes professors of geology, marine, and environment from Anna University, University of Madras, Presidency College, and University of Madras.
The previous committee, headed by S Mohan from IIT-Madras, ended its tenure on November 4.
Despite the fact that the formation of the committee was delayed by two more months, we are pleased to welcome retired IAS, IFS officers, and officers from the state pollution control boards, who have a wealth of experience in dealing with environmental issues. According to an official at the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu, (SIPCOT), this will make it easy for us to explain the project’s pros and cons.
He said that SIPCOT was still waiting for EC from SEAC to approve six major projects, including the Tuticorin furniture industrial park and Vallam Vadagal industrial housing project on the outskirts Chennai. We are currently preparing proposals for EC for ten more projects. He said that they will be submitted by next week.
According to a mines and mineral official, the department was the worst-hit because SEAC had not been in operation for two months. We have been waiting for the EC to open approximately 12,000 rough stone quarries for a while. The previous committee failed to issue the EC on schedule despite submitting all reports regarding environmental issues. The official said that they hope the new committee will make up the time lost by the previous one in issuing EC to the proposal.
The Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board (PWD), NHAI, and many other departments hoped the new committee would quickly act to clear long-pending EC proposals.
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