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Senate passes Environment and Natural Resources Bill, Laketown Township Water Engineering Study

Senate passes Environment and Natural Resources Bill, Laketown Township Water Engineering Study

ST. PAUL, MN  The Minnesota Senate recently passed a Comprehensive Environment and Natural Resources Bill to further support Minnesotas critical environmental priorities. The bill continues Senate Republicans’ commitment to groundwater preservation, recycling and regulatory reform.

Coleman’s legislation to finance a grant for a grant is included in the comprehensive environment bill. Study of wastewater engineering in Laketown Township. This bill will provide a one-time appropriation for Laketown Township to prepare preliminary system design and cost estimates to connect wastewater systems around Pierson Lake with municipal wastewater treatment systems. 

Coleman said that around a third (33%) of Laketown Township homes are on the 201 sewer system. It has outlived the intended life span and residents now pay one of highest sewer rates in the country. To determine the best cost and the best way to fix the outdated system, my bill allocates $86,000 to fund an engineering study. This is a topic I am regularly hearing from my constituents and its passage provides a solution for our community.  

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Other notable policy provisions are found in the comprehensive bill on environment and natural resource legislation: 

  • Prohibition of the DNR to impose/require unadopted rules that have not been adopted under Minnesota statutes  
  • To improve coordination, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in the environmental review and permit process for metallic mining projects, a Mining Dashboard was established. 
  • Score Grants are being increased to assist counties with the removal of solid waste and plastics costs in order keep our rivers and lakes clean.  
  • Increased funding for Shooting Range Improvement Grants to improve outdoor shooting range capacity for youth shooters as well as the general public  
  • Tourism funding should be increased to ensure revenue-generating events throughout the state in order to support local economies 
  • Minnesotans with disabilities have greater access to motor vehicles in wildlife management zones. 
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