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Shooting a Commercial in a Zero-Gravity Environment (Parabolic Fly) – Y.M.Cinema

Shooting a Commercial in a Zero-Gravity Environment (Parabolic Fly) – Y.M.Cinema

Zero-Gravity Environment. Picture: AJ Bleyer

This insane commercial used no special effects. AJ Bleyer, a filmmaker, has created an amazing project using a parabolic Boeing 727 flight. The team used cinema cameras and lenses to capture the shot in that short time (approximately 27 seconds). They succeeded! Check out the commercial below to learn more about the making of the commercial.

Zero-Gravity Environment. Picture: AJ Bleyer
Zero-Gravity Environment. Picture by AJ Bleyer

Director AJ Bleyer directed this commercial. Advent Films produced this commercial. The clients were TEAM LIQUID (launching new product) and COINBASE. Instead of using banal SFX the team decided to shoot in a true zero-gravity setting. This can be achieved using a special flight called Weightless Flight (also known by Parabolic Flight). Zero-gravity can be achieved aboard ZERO Gs Boeing 727 aircraft called G-FORCE ONE. G-FORCE ONE can be flown through a parabolic flight maneuver to achieve weightlessness. These maneuvers can be flown by specially trained pilots at approximately 24,000-34,000 feet elevation. Each parabola takes approximately one minute to complete and requires 10 miles of airspace. This means that the team has less time to capture the shot. The team used the RED DSMC2 Cinema Cameras and Fujinon Cinema Zoom Lenses for the shoot.

AJ Bleyer and the team. Picture: AJ Bleyer
AJ Bleyer with the team. Picture: AJ Bleyer

Some amazing footage was captured aboard a modified Boeing 727. This flight took the crew on a parabolic flight that allowed them to reach zero gravity weightlessness. The footage was not enhanced with special effects.

Filmmkaer AJ Bleyer

Let’s hear what AJ Bleyer, a filmmaker, had to say about the shoot. This is one of those projects you can’t put into words. Team Liquid, Coinbase and Esports have become official sponsors. This is a first for cryptocurrency and Esports. They wanted to announce this extraordinary partnership and presented AJ with a concept shot in ZERO GRAVITY. We worked closely with Advent Films and 1UP Studios to capture some amazing footage aboard a modified Boeing727. This took AJ and his crew on a parabolic flight that achieved zero gravity weightlessness. The footage was shot without special effects. This shoot presented many unique challenges, including the 27-second weightless periods and the intense physical experience that everyone had to endure. The entire commercial is available below.

This shoot presented a variety of unique challenges, starting with the brief 27-second weightless periods up to the intense physical experience that everyone had onboard.

Filmmkaer AJ Bleyer

Here’s a BTS shot. My brain broke every rule as I tried to plan how to capture these shots. This idea was all about possibilities and Bleyer says that anything is possible when you reinvent the rules. You can watch the BTS video below.

AJ Bleyer started shooting automotive videos with high school friends to combine his two passions, cars and cameras. His work quickly became popular and AJ was soon known for his automotive work. He quit his job at Apple at age 22 to pursue filmmaking. He soon found himself directing video and photo content for top vehicle manufacturers like Ferrari and Porsche. At 27 years old, he was admitted to the DGA as one among the guild’s youngest directors. AJ’s portfolio now includes a variety of work, including music videos and commercials for national broadcast stations. He is well-known for his dynamic angles as well as his keen attention to detail. AJ works on movies and driving cars when he’s not. Check out his website Here.

What do YOU think about the shoot? Would you rather go SFX (make life easier) or the real deal (true value)?parabolic flight (?

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