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The Apprentice returned to BBC One for series 16 last month after a two year break due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Following the brutal dressing downs in boardroom, Lord Alan Sugar fired a number of contestants. Conor Gilsenan, a former candidate, has spoken out about how chaotic the show can get as contestants fight for Lord Sugar’s next business partnership.  

Lord Sugar has sent five hungry hopefuls packing so far on the business show. Francesca Kennedy Wallbank was the latest candidate to be fired for misspelling “Arctic” in a title of a videogame. 

The mathematician became the first female candidate to be sent back home, ending the girls’ winning streak. 

The remaining candidates will travel to north Wales next week to operate their own highland railways, quarry tours, and zip lines. 

As usual, the two teams will be closely monitored by Lord Sugar’s trusted aides Baroness Karren Brady, and Tim Campbell. Tim Campbell is taking over for Claude Littner, The Apprentice favourite, while he recovers from surgery.

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Conor Gilsenan, a former professional rugby player and sales executive, spoke out about the heat that the process can get. 

Lord Sugar fired the 28-year-old after the boys’ team lost the children’s electric toothbrush challenge. 

Speaking exclusively to about his experience on the BBC programme, Conor explained: “It’s a very hostile environment and it’s a simulation, it’s a game and you can’t take the outcome too seriously.” 

He admitted that a lot of the information was not transferable to business. However, that could have changed if he stayed with the process for a longer time.

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He explained, “We all know exactly what we signed up to. [Lord Sugar]had to bring someone back, and there was a one-in-three chance that I’d get it brought because I made many decisions.” 

Aaron Willis, Conor’s Project Manager, and Nick Showering, Conor were able to take Conor back into the boardroom.

The former candidate claimed that he tried his best not to offend Lord Sugar or his aides when he had to be stopped by Baroness Brady in a boardroom.

He shared: “It wasn’t a good experience, as I thought the app for guys was better. Karren Brady walked up to me and said, “That’s what I think.” She didn’t want to challenge me. 


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