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Stranded Elusive Whale near Athens’ coast

Stranded Elusive Whale near Athens’ coast

Officials said that rescuers were working to free a beaked-beaked whale trapped near a beach in Athens riviera. The coast guard, veterinarians as well as volunteers and environmental groups worked together to assist the mammal in its recovery. It was found on a beach close to Palaio Faliro.

According to Arion (a Greek non-governmental organization that provides first aid for stranded dolphins or whales), the 3.5-metre-long whale was first seen in another coastal area on Thursday. The whale appeared to be uninjured and was able to swim to open sea. It ran aground again at Flisvos in Palaio Faliro this morning, with what appeared like injuries to its beak. Aimilia Drougas is an oceanographer and co-founder for Arion.

Experts were looking into whether there were any reasons it could not swim off, she stated. Beaked whales are an endangered species. They can dive to depths up to 3,000 metres. They live and reproduce in the Greek seas, but rarely venture into shallower waters.

It is very rare for this particular species. Drougas said that it is a shy animal that doesn’t approach people and prefers deep water. He also suggested that the injury could be surfacial. Because their lanes overlap, and because of the increasing volume of shipping traffic and speed of vessels, whales are often struck and killed by ships. The mammals are often disoriented by underwater noise and are often unable avoid a collision in the shortest time.

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Around 10-15 beaked baleens are stranded every year. George Amyras, Deputy Environment Minister, was at the scene and stated that a vet took a blood sample from a whale. This will be sent to a laboratory. He stated that the prognosis was not good.

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