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Study: Young Germans are concerned about climate and the environment.

Study: Young Germans are concerned about climate and the environment.

BERLIN, April 1st (Xinhua), — Climate protection and environmental conservation are top priorities for young Germans, according to the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, Friday.

A survey of over 1,000 young Germans between 14 and 22 years old, conducted by BMUV/the German Environment Agency (UBA), revealed that 85 percent ranked the issues among the top 4.

While three quarters of respondents were optimistic about their future in 20 years, less than 90 percent felt sad about the environmental damage caused by humans.

Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection, Steffi Lemke, stated that “young people are optimistic about what their futures look like, but deeply concerned about the fate of the planet.”

She said that politics must be aware of the long-term implications of crises and find solutions.

The study found that three quarters (75%) of young Germans are worried about the consequences of the climate crisis. 81 percent also called on policymakers to pay more attention to the demands of young people regarding climate issues.

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Dirk Messner, President and CEO of the German Environment Agency (UBA), said that “the next years up to 2030 will be crucial for setting a course towards sustainability” and “climate neutrality”.

For 88 percent, the state and quality of the education, healthcare systems, as well as social justice were very important.

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