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Submitting environment study for gas to shore plan

Submitting environment study for gas to shore plan

Review process for 60 days underway

Yesterday, ExxonMobils subsidiary submitted an environmental study to the EPA. It was for a US$1.3b project to transport gas from shore. The government hopes that this will result in significantly lower energy costs and spurt in manufacturing. However, doubts remain over execution capacity and whether a true feasibility study has been conducted.

Critics argue that the government plans to convert gas to energy, just like oil extraction in the Atlantic. They also claim that they have the power to overrule the regulatory authorities that will need to approve the West Bank Demerara project.

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Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that ExxonMobils’ subsidiary Esso Exploration and Production Limited has submitted its Environmental Impact Assessment. (EIA), for the highly anticipated gas to energy project. This triggers the 60-day public review process.

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